The hidden message behind Kamala Harris' inauguration outfit

The new Vice-President made a subtle message with her inauguration outfit, did you spot it?

Kamala Harris
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Kamala Harris has sported a stunning purple outfit with a black mask at the 2021 Presidential office inauguration. From the color scheme to the accessories, the entire look was carefully selected to symbolize unity in America. But how can one outfit make such an important statement?

Harris has the adoration of the world thanks to her tenacious work ethic, ceiling-smashing political achievements and captivating public speaking. But we're also in awe of her classic style - providing endless inspiration for the best winter coats

Harris’s outfit for this historic event was designed by the black American designer Christopher John Rogers.  Rogers resides in New York City and comes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016. Previously, Rogers design a look for Michelle Obama's Becoming book tour.

'Thank you, Madam Vice President,' Rogers wrote on Instagram. 'We are so honored and humbled to have played a small part in this historic moment.'

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Kamala Harris

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This inauguration theme was "America United," which was perfectly symbolized by the color scheme of Harris's outfit. The choice of purple was a clear message about the combination of red and blue, i.e., both the Republican and Democratic parties' unification. 

Former presidential candidate and secretary of state Hilary Clinton also chose to wear this bold color. She attended the event with her husband, former president Bill Clinton. 

Harris accessorized with pearl jewelry — a subtle nod to her sorority at Howard University, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Glenda Glover, the international President of AKA, told Vanity Fair, "The strand of pearls speaks to solidarity among the members."

The sorority is one of America's oldest Black sororities, with members whose ranks including the icons poet Maya Angelou and actress Phylicia Rashad. 

Both her clothes and her pearls made a statement about Harris' position as a woman of color in a position of power in the U.S. Her role as Vice President represents a new chapter, as Biden states that his office will "confront" white supremacy in America. 

Kamala Harris

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This message of unity was made clear by Biden, who reminded Americans that he is not just a President of those who voted for him and that his decisions made in office would be made in the interest of all Americans. 

During the inauguration, Biden said, "I know speaking of unity can sound to some like a foolish fantasy these days. I know the forces that divide us are deep, and they are real. I also know they are not new." The president concluded, saying, "Unity is the path forward," and he will be a "President for all Americans."

Harris was escorted at the inauguration by a hero during the riot at the capitol, Eugene Goodman. Goodman is the acting deputy Senate sergeant-at-arms. This month, he went viral when a video of him leading Trump rioters away from the Senate floor gained popularity. Goodman was celebrated for his actions, with many claiming that he potentially saved many lawmakers' lives that day.

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