What can we expect from Harry & Meghan's Netflix series volume two?

Volume one of Harry and Meghan has already seen some bombshell announcements, so what can we expect from volume two?

Harry and Meghan volume two drops on Netflix next week
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The hotly anticipated first half of Harry and Meghan on Netflix was released today (December 8), and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex let viewers into their world for some private moments and new insight. From the heartache Meghan faced having to disinvite a close family member from her wedding to cute new insight into their first dates and how they got engaged, they’ve shared a lot. So what can we expect from the next three episodes?

  • Harry and Meghan volume two will release next week (December 15), with three more episodes offering exclusive insight from the pair.
  • Fans can expect to see more behind-the-scenes footage from the wedding, as that’s where volume one left off, plus revelations from their exit from royal life and the fallout.
  • In other royal news, why today is a hugely momentous day in King Charles' reign.

From the incredibly relatable way Harry and Meghan met to the heartbreaking early memories of racism Meghan experienced, the Netflix docuseries has proven to be full of fascinating insight so far.

The first three episodes, which dropped today (December 8), have covered everything from how Instagram played a big part in their “great love story” to the “unconscious bias” Meghan has helped Harry to learn from.

The first volume also confronts the Royal Family’s tricky relationship with the British media, Meghan’s strained relationship with her father and sister-in-law, and Harry’s fear that Meghan would be driven away.

So, what’s left to say from the couple? Here’s what we can expect from part two and when the episodes will drop.

What to expect from Harry and Meghan volume two on Netflix?

The third episode from volume one ends the day before Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018.

The episode ends on the cliffhanger that Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, was no longer attending the service, suggesting he had suffered a heart attack amid the stress of being accused of selling staged photographs.

Thomas Markle selling stories was discussed in the first volume of Harry & Meghan on Netflix

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Worryingly, the final episode of the first volume suggests that Thomas’ phone had been compromised somehow, with Harry and Meghan desperately trying to get in touch with him but fearing it wasn’t Thomas who was texting them from his phone.

Volume two will no doubt pick up from that point, giving viewers a closer look at the wedding day from their perspective.

Volume two will no doubt explore more closely their decision to quit life as working royals in 2020, and the fallout from their move Stateside.

Based on the first look they teased last week, which included some photographs of a pregnant Meghan, viewers will likely get to see more of Meghan’s pregnancy with Archie and Lilibet.

Footage of Harry and Meghan crying has yet to be seen

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The first three episodes have only lightly touched on Harry’s relationship with his family, so there could be a deeper look at the tensions between Harry, his father King Charles and brother Prince William in part two.

Based on the trailer, which saw a crying Meghan and an exasperated Harry, the second volume could be more emotionally charged and feature bigger bombshells as to the current dynamics with their family.

What won’t be discussed in the documentary is the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The docuseries states at the very beginning that all interviews for the six episodes concluded by August 2022, with the Queen dying on September 8, 2022.

When is Harry and Meghan volume two released?

The final three episodes of Harry and Meghan will drop on Thursday, December 15.

The episodes will release at midnight PST, 3am EST and 8am in the UK.

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