Harry and Meghan actually met in the most relatable way and reveal the 'craziest thing' about their relationship

The “craziest thing” about Harry and Meghan’s relationship, according to Prince Harry on his new Netflix show

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a "great love story" according to the Prince
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The long-awaited Harry and Meghan documentary has dropped its first volume today (December 8), and the first title screen promises to show never-before-seen private footage from the pair. As personally recorded interviews open the docuseries, viewers hear the adorable nicknames Meghan has for the prince, how his coming along was a "plot twist" for her "single girl summer," and Harry touches on the “craziest thing” about their relationship.

  • Prince Harry describes the “craziest thing” about his and Meghan’s relationship as the fact that it’s “a great love story… only just getting started.”
  • In footage from the Netflix series, viewers also see Meghan calling the Prince “H” and “Haz” – a clear sign of their new, relaxed lives away from the Royal Family.
  • In other royal news, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘great tragedy’ before royal exit.

It’s here. The much-discussed first half of Harry and Meghan on Netflix – and viewers are already getting to witness more intimate and personal moments between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

For a start, despite the titles, there’s no airs or graces on show.

Casually dressed with a towel wrapped around her hair, we see Meghan refer to Harry as “H” or “Haz.”

The pair are also shown taking Archie for a walk, as their oldest child enjoys pottering around and Meghan is heard laughing, saying “Archie, you’re having fun.”

While they touch on the bigger issues early on – with Harry proclaiming it’s about “duty and service” being in his family, and it’s his “duty to uncover the exploitation and bribery within [the British] media” – they also make it clear we’re going to see a much softer, less serious side between the two.

Harry, after all, describes he and Meghan as “a great love story” and the “craziest thing” is that it’s a “love story only just getting started.”

Amusingly, we see that the great love story might not have always been in the stars for Meghan. A director or producer for the series shows Meghan a clip taken in 2015, where she’s asked a series of quick-fire questions. One of them is “Prince Harry or Prince William?”

Meghan, in the clip, is shown shrugging and unable to choose between the brothers. As the original interview laughs and suggests Harry, Meghan laughs and says “Harry, sure.”

Prince Harry and Meghan met over Instagram, when a friend posted a snapchat of Meghan

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When looking back at the clip together, the Sussexes laugh and Meghan jokingly apologizes. But Harry insists it shows that how “little” Meghan “knew” about the royals, and “how far we’ve come.”

Their great love story is all down to a somewhat unlikely source, too. They reveal that it all started over Instagram.

During Meghan’s “single girl summer,” she was included in a video that appeared on Harry’s Instagram feed – something which led to the “plot twist” of their fairytale love story.

And in the clip, Meghan had “doggy ears.” That’s right. A Snapchat filter was integral in the love story between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Harry describes liking what he sees though, saying his first words were “Who is that?”

Playing matchmaker, Harry’s friend reached out to Meghan. The first message setting the pair up is shown on screen, and it reads, “Between you and I thought you might want to know this being newly single and all. I put our snapchat on Instagram and Prince Haz follows me (he’s a friend) he called me last night dying to meet you.”

Meghan then went to his feed to find out more about him, saying it’s better than Googling to find out who someone really is. “Let me see what they’re about… not what someone else says about them but what they are putting out about themselves.”

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