We can't get over King Charles' wild morning routine and it's so different to the Queen's

According to Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, King Charles' wild morning routine reportedly saw him do exercises 'like a skilled acrobat'

King Charles' wild morning routine revealed by Spare; seen here during a visit to Alloway Main Street
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King Charles’ wild morning routine was revealed in Prince Harry's memoir and it couldn’t be more different to Queen Elizabeth’s.

Whilst it might be the revelations surrounding the Prince of Wales that have so far been catching some of the most attention leading up to the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, his brother wasn’t the only royal to get a mention. The Duke of Sussex also made claims about his father, including his allegation that King Charles’ heartbreaking plea to his sons about his “final years”. Amongst the more shocking claims to have emerged or been reported, it’s been suggested that Prince Harry also revealed King Charles’ wild morning routine. 

According to The Telegraph, in Spare it was claimed that His Majesty would start the day with headstands in private in his underwear in the years when Prince Harry was growing up.  

Prince William, Prince Harry and King Charles pose for photographers August 16, 1997

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The Prince specifically mentioned this happening at Balmoral and shared apprehension at what he would find if he tried to enter his father’s rooms. 

“He performed them daily, in a pair of boxers, propped against a door or hanging from a bar like a skilled acrobat,” the Duke of Sussex is said to have explained. And it seems that he had a very startled response if he thought someone was going to interrupt him. 

The book continued, “If you set one little finger on the knob you would hear him begging from the other side, ‘No! No! Don’t open! Please God don’t open!’”

Although King Charles’ wild morning routine might sound incredibly unusual, it was apparently advised in order to help with pain caused “mostly” by polo injuries.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales playing polo

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Prince Harry, who is fifth in the royal line of succession, went on to explain that headstands were “prescribed by [King Charles] physio” and that the exercises “were the only effective remedy” for the “constant pain” in his father’s neck and back. 

Given His Majesty hasn’t spoken out himself about doing headstands, it’s not clear whether this routine is still something he sticks to. Either way, this athleticism it’s a far cry from the late Queen Elizabeth’s morning routine which included her being woken up every day by the rousing sound of bagpipes played by her royal piper. 

According to The Express, at 7:30am the Queen was brought steaming pots of Earl Grey tea and hot water and some milk. The maid would then apparently open the curtains and put Radio 4 on with them. 

Queen Elizabeth ll has a cup of tea while in Northern Ireland

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She was also said to enjoy a morning bath every day before the Queen chose the selection of outfits laid out for her and then enjoyed her breakfast at 8:30am. Meanwhile, her late sister Princess Margaret’s decadent morning routine didn’t involve any “acrobat” skills either. Instead, the Countess of Snowdon is said to have had breakfast in bed, listened to the radio, read the paper and smoked cigarettes for a further two hours before having a leisurely 11am bath. 

Though all very different, all three royals seem to have had a specific routine to structure the start of the day.

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