Tiara - Wordle players bamboozled by royal themed word

Players of Wordle were confused by a royal-themed word that cropped up for Wordle 342 - with some calling it a 'royal pain'

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The word 'tiara' confused a lot of Wordle players as the royal-themed word cropped up in the New York Times online game that fans are obsessed with.

Wordle fans are often confused by the New York Times decision to include certain words in the online game. The word 'vouch,' American slang word 'homer,' and the word 'zesty,' are all recent answers that have infuriated players, and the most recent answer for Wordle 342 is much the same. 

Although the word 'tiara' is a word that most people are familiar with, it isn't a word that crops up in most people's day-to-day vocabulary. For this reason, many players have taken to social media to complain about this word that has been dubbed a 'royal pain'.

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"Wordle 342 3/6* Royal pain," said one player despite completing the wordle challenge with just three guesses.

"THIS ONE WAS SO HARD FOR SOME REASON Wordle 342 6/6," said one player who only managed to guess the word tiara at the very last moment.

"Wordle 342 X/6 It's not a hard word, I am just idiot," said another player who failed to solve the challenge. 

Other players believed that the new few games could be a celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and continue the royal trend. "I got it in 3 it'll all be Royal-related the next few days I reckon. x Wordle 342 3/6," said the player.

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Tiara meaning


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The word 'tiara' is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as 'a piece of metal in the shape of half a circle decorated with jewels (= precious stones) that is worn on the head by a woman, especially a queen, at very formal social occasions.'

Tiaras are most commonly worn by women in the Royal Family at royal engagements and have most recently been seen on the likes of the Queen, Camilla Parker Bowles, and the Duchess of Cambridge. 

If you struggled to work out this Wordle challenge don't fret! There are a number of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, that you can try that will help you to improve and maintain your streaks.

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