This royal Christmas tradition explains why Kate Middleton was caught bargain hunting at a discount store

Kate Middleton's discount shopping habit could be down to a royal Christmas tradition that encourages the royals to shop like commoners

Kate Middleton's discount shopping
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Kate Middleton's discount shopping habit has been revealed by shoppers who spotted the royal bargain hunting in cheaper UK store, The Range.

Kate Middleton is a very wealthy woman and has her choice of shopping anywhere in the world. The Duchess of Cambridge's dresses are bought from all over the world and her jewelry choices range from stunning heirlooms to timeless pearl earrings, so it could be easily assumed that when it comes to Christmas shopping she is only purchasing pricey gifts from the most high-end retailers.

However, in 2018 the Duchess was spotted by a royal fan shopping in a discount store in King's Lynn. The shop is located close to the Queen's Sandringham estate and not too far from the Cambridges' own country home, Amner Hall.

The Mirror reported that a teacher who was shopping in the same store spotted the royal out with her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. According to the teacher, George was interested in some 'dinosaur slime' and Charlotte was told to "Get up, poppet," by her mother after she sat down on the floor of the shop. But why was Kate shopping in this inexpensive store just before Christmas? 

When it comes to royal Christmas gifts, it could be easily assumed that luxurious gifts are exchanged at Sandringham House. However, an old royal Christmas tradition encourages the members of the royal family to actually buy each other inexpensive gifts that are cheap and playful, as opposed to luxurious and pricey.

It is very likely that the Duchess of Cambridge was shopping for some novelty gifts for members of her extended family as they prepared to celebrate the holidays together.

Kate Middleton discount shopping

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For the royals who are surrounded by wealth, these gag gifts are apparently preferred and are loved by every member of the family, including the Queen. 

Prince Harry's inappropriate gift for the Queen raised a few eyebrows but reportedly the Queen loved her gift of a shower cap with the cheeky phrase, "ain't life a b**ch," written on it.

It was also rumored that on one occasion, Princess Anne bought her elder brother Prince Charles a leather toilet seat and years before Prince Harry met his wife the Duchess of Sussex, his sister-in-law Duchess Catherine bought him a 'grow your own girlfriend' kit.

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