Prince Harry's inappropriate gift for the Queen raises a few eyebrows

Prince Harry's bizarre gift to the Queen has been revealed—but it's really not the sort of thing you'd buy for your grandmother!

Prince Harry's inappropriate gift
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It has been revealed that Prince Harry once bought an inappropriate gift for the Queen for Christmas, and she's still got it hanging in Balmoral Castle!

The Queen may appear to be a demure and sensible character who appreciates the finer things in life and has a deep respect for tradition, but according to the Sussex's unofficial biography, Finding Freedom, the Queen has a cheeky sense of humor that she lets loose during the festive period.

Although you might expect that the Queen would appreciate a nice scarf or some warm gloves for Christmas, she absolutely adored Prince Harry's inappropriate gift that he gave her a few festive seasons ago. 

Finding Freedom reveals that the Duke of Sussex once bought Her Majesty a shower cap with the cheeky phrase, "ain't life a b**ch," written on it.

The book also reveals that on another occasion, "he gifted his grandmother a Big Mouth Billy Bass singing toy that was said to sit proudly in Balmoral.”

Prince Harry's wife the Duchess of Sussex also joined in on this quirky family tradition and reportedly the Queen 'burst out laughing' when she opened her Christmas gift from Meghan Markle.

These tacky and fun gifts are likely a welcome change for Her Majesty who has a 'wicked sense of humor' and loves inexpensive gifts.

Meghan Markle

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Similarly, rather than lavishing her grandmother-in-law with expensive gifts, Kate Middleton gave a  ‘frugal’ Christmas gift to the Queen which reportedly helped them to forge a bond of ‘mutual respect and admiration.’ 

It seems that both Meghan and Kate went for similar tactics when it comes to giving gifts to the Queen—because really, what do you get the Queen of England for Christmas?

Interestingly, because of an old royal tradition that pays tribute to the royal family's German heritage, the royals actually don't open their presents on Christmas Day. However, it is now unclear when the royals will get the opportunity to exchange gifts as the Queen has canceled her Christmas lunch with her extended family because of the surge of omicron variant cases in the UK. 

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