The unique way King Charles and Camilla will emulate the Queen during their reign

Charles and Camilla will emulate the Queen during their reign as King and Queen consort with this strange choice says royal expert

Charles and Camilla will emulate the Queen
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King Charles and Camilla will emulate the Queen during their reign as monarchs, says a royal expert.

As the new King and Queen consort, Charles and Camilla have had to adjust to life as they lead the country. It has been reported that as they adapt to their new roles, they will attempt to take a leaf out of Queen Elizabeth's book as they copy some of the choices she made during her 70-year reign. 

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The Telegraph reported that Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have decided to emulate the Queen's reign by being more selective about when they speak publicly and the topics they choose to talk about.

"The Telegraph understands that the Queen Consort will be making fewer public speeches in the new era of the Royal family, focusing closely on where her formal addresses could make the most difference," said the outlet.

In previous years, both Charles and Camilla have lent their voices to a number of charities as they have made speeches at a number of royal engagements. Camilla has already made this change, which was highlighted when she attended a literary event, where she would typically make a speech. 

Queen Camilla and her rarely-seen lookalike sister Annabel rocked matching hairstyles at a glamorous event at the Booker Prize 2022 in London. Camilla presented an award to Shehan Karunatilaka, the winner of the 2022 Booker Prize for Fiction, but didn't make a speech at the literary event.

Charles and Camilla

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Angela Levin, a royal biographer who has written a book about the Queen consort titled, 'Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort', said that Camilla may well 'relish' the fact that public speaking is no longer expected from her.

“She gets very nervous," said Angela. "She has forced herself to do it but they were always quite short. She could very well relish the thought of doing less now. The [late] Queen very rarely gave a speech, so as Queen Consort she might very well speak publicly only when she feels it’s incredibly important to do so."

"Instead, she will be with her husband, like the Duke of Edinburgh – with him, but not actually speaking as well. I don’t think she’ll mind that one bit,” said the royal insider. 

Although it was thought that when it comes to important issues close to her heart the Queen consort will still make time to use her voice to promote the important cause. "She’s one of those people who really stays with something," said Angela.

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