Queen Camilla and her rarely-seen lookalike sister Annabel rock matching hairstyles at glamorous event

Queen Camilla and her lookalike sister Annabel Elliot were snapped spending time together at a star-studded London event on Monday

Queen Camilla and her lookalike sister Annabel
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On Monday, October 17, 2022, Queen Camilla and her sister Annabel Elliot teamed up to attend a royal engagement together at the Booker Prize 2022 in London.

On October 17, Queen Camilla attended the 2022 Booker Prize for Fiction ceremony at the Roundhouse in London. The ceremony was the first fully in-person celebration of the award since 2019, and it marked the seventh time that Camilla has presented the Booker Prize for Fiction. 

The Queen was beaming throughout this event as she celebrated this literary award. As a self-confessed literature lover, Camilla was in her element and was also accompanied to the event by a close confidant - her sister Annabel.

Photographed behind her elder sister's right shoulder, Annabel Elliot looked delighted to be attending the event and looked remarkably like her sister, Camilla Parker Bowles.

In the images from the event, both Camilla and Annabel wore their short blonde hair in big bouncy waves swept away from their faces. Their partings were also in the same location as they both wore their hair in a subtle side fridge across their faces.

Their matching hairstyles weren't the only thing that made the sisters look alike. The sisters are only two years apart in age and their facial expressions, particularly their beaming smiles, showed their genetic similarities. 

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Annabel is Camilla's only sister, and although the two are close, the pair are rarely seen out together, especially when it comes to royal engagements that Camilla takes on as part of her role as Queen consort. 

The pair have been most commonly snapped at large scale events such as Wimbledon or the races. So seeing the pair spending time together at a royal engagement in London was a rare treat for royal fans.


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Camilla has two siblings, Annabel, her sister who is younger by two years, and a younger brother Mark, who was two years younger than Annabel, and four years younger than Camilla. Sadly Mark passed away in 2014 at the age of just 62.

Camilla's parents Rosalind and Bruce passed away in 1994 and 2006 respectively, leaving just Camilla and Annabel.

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