How Kate Middleton's 'normal' behavior with off-duty royal staff shows her 'fun' and 'friendly' side

The Princess of Wales would 'make jokes' with staff at Highgrove House before she married Prince William, the King's ex-butler has revealed

Kate Middleton's 'normal' behavior with off-duty royal staff revealed
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King Charles III's former butler has revealed how 'normal' Kate Middleton was before marrying Prince William, recalling that the 'fun' princess would often 'joke' with staff of royal households.

The King's former butler has shared new details about the young Princess of Wales, revealing how the duchess used to 'joke' with royal staffers at Charles III's private residence before she married Prince William. 

The exclusive insight comes shortly after it was revealed that Kate Middleton and Prince William won't permanently live at Adelaide Cottage, but have no plans to move into Windsor Castle any time soon. 

Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years, spoke to Sligno, via Marie Claire, this week on his positive experiences with Kate Middleton in the early days of her royal life. The British etiquette expert explained that the Berkshire native behaved differently to other members of the monarchy - even going so far as to banter with employees. 


Kate Middleton was reportedly always friendly to royal staff before she married Prince William 

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"What I liked was that Kate, being a girlfriend and obviously not a member of the family, would be with me and the other staff," Harrold said. "She was so polite, friendly, and fun and making jokes." 

Harrold served as Charles' butler from 2004 to 2011 and has previously revealed that he also waited on Kate and William when they were staying at the King's private home in Gloucestershire, Highgrove House. The 44-year-old recalled that the couple acted "like any boyfriend and girlfriend" behind closed doors, adding that they "weren't anything different" from other loved-up youngsters. 

Harrold also revealed that Kate and William would always make time to talk to him, even when he wasn't on duty. 

"I remember there were days I had off where I’d be running an errand or I’d left something up at Highgrove [House] and they were around, so you’d just catch up with them," he said. 

"It was always fun and it was always nice that I got on so well with them because they’d then ask me to travel the country with them." 

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