The privilege Prince George has always had that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have often been denied

There's a privilege Prince George has always had thanks to good fortune - but Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis aren't so lucky

The privilege Prince George has always had explained. Seen here are Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on the Buckingham Palace balcony
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There’s a privilege Prince George has always had that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have often been denied. 

As second in the royal line of succession, Prince George’s future responsibilities are set to be different to those of his younger siblings. However, there’s also a low-key privilege Prince George has always had that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have often been denied that has nothing to do with their royal roles. The future King turned 10 on 22nd July and whilst fans were treated to a Prince George birthday photo taken by Millie Pilkington, the family celebrated the special occasion in private. One thing we know for sure about his big day, though, is that he didn’t spend it at school. 

And he wouldn't have done, even if his birthday hadn’t fallen on a Saturday as ever since he started nursery and school, Prince George’s birthday seems to have consistently been in the summer holidays. This allows Prince George to enjoy his entire birthday however he likes every year. 

This stroke of luck is something that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis unfortunately don’t share. Prince George attended Westacre Montessori School near the Wales family’s Anmer Hall home, before moving to Thomas’s Battersea school near Kensington Palace and then to his current school, Lambrook, which is close to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor

All three of their term dates for 2023-2024 show a pattern of ending the summer term around the second week of July, which is in line with many other schools in the UK. It’s likely the same was true when he was a pupil at Westacre and then Lambrook and next year the summer term will end on 6th July, meaning the future King’s 11th birthday will also be spent out of lessons. 

Things are a lot more inconsistent for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who are only guaranteed their birthdays off school if they fall on a weekend or bank holiday.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis accompanied by their parents the Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, arrive for a settling in afternoon at Lambrook School

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Out of the two of them Princess Charlotte is the most likely to get a school-free birthday as her special day has previously fallen on a bank holiday Monday, as it was in 2022. Lambrook, Thomas’s and Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ former nursery Willcox’s 2023-2024 term dates show that Prince Louis is often unfortunate with where his birthday falls. For the upcoming educational year all three will begin the summer term just a few days before his birthday on 23rd April. 

According to the Royal Museums Greenwich, Easter can fall anywhere between 22nd March and 25th April and with bank holidays in the UK for Good Friday and Easter Monday, it’s possible that one day Prince Louis’ birthday could fall on one of these.

Princess Charlotte of Wales, Prince Louis of Wales and Prince George of Wales are seen during Trooping the Colour

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So the privilege Prince George has always had and will most likely continue to have throughout his time at school is something Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte are by no means guaranteed to enjoy too. However, the younger Wales kids are likely used to the possibility of being at school on their birthdays by now and could even enjoy being surrounded by their friends all day whenever this happens.

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