The prestigious title Queen Consort Camilla could take on but Prince Philip never did

There's a prestigious title Queen Consort Camilla could take on one day that Prince Philip never received during Queen Elizabeth's reign

Prestigious title Queen Consort Camilla could take on while Prince Philip never did, seen here are the two royals on separate occasions
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There’s a prestigious title that Queen Consort Camilla could take on as the monarch's spouse but Prince Philip never did. 

King Charles’ coronation is drawing nearer and the Queen Consort will also crowned and anointed on this special day watched by people across the world. In recent weeks there's also been a subtle sign that there's a prestigious title Queen Consort Camilla could take on one day. It's one that Prince Philip never received the male equivalent of during the late Queen Elizabeth's reign, although he was also the spouse of a British monarch. 

Since His Majesty ascended the throne Camilla has been referred to officially as Queen Consort, though this might not always be the case. She could possibly one day just be Queen Camilla - as she’s already often called by fans and reports. Especially now the distinction between a Queen Regnant (reigning Queen) and Queen Consort (wife of a reigning King) is more well-known.

In a potentially significant move, Her Majesty recently changed the name of her online book club from the Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room to the Queen’s Reading Room - but interestingly, not the Queen Consort’s Reading Room. And if Camilla does one day drop the ‘Consort’ part she wouldn’t be the only King’s wife to be referred to just as Queen. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s late mom was a Queen Consort but was known as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and even her profile on the Royal Family website referred to her simply as Queen or Queen Elizabeth. The Queen’s grandmother Queen Mary - whose crown will soon take center stage as Queen Camilla’s coronation crown - is also generally known and referred to as Queen.

Queen Mother and Queen Mary on separate occasions

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Given the UK had a Queen Regnant for so long it perhaps makes sense that Queen Camilla is officially being referred to as The Queen Consort. Especially since she hadn’t previously been expected to take on this title before Queen Elizabeth declared last year it her “sincere wish”.

However, her late father-in-law Prince Philip was never known as King despite being married to a monarch like Camilla is. As a husband of a Queen, Prince Philip didn’t gain the male equivalent of his wife’s titles. In contrast, royal women are understood to be entitled to the female equivalent of their husband’s titles which is why there’s a little-known title Sophie Wessex has.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh on the day of the coronation

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The Duke of Edinburgh became a Prince of the United Kingdom in 1957 and as per the Royal Family website (opens in new tab), the husband of a Queen isn’t crowned, unlike Queen Consorts like Camilla. Despite not being a King Consort, Prince Philip was a devoted partner to Queen Elizabeth throughout their 73 year marriage. 

"He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know,” she declared in 1997.

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