The New York tradition Prince William has taken to already

The New York tradition Prince William has taken to already has been revealed - and we love how William is embracing the culture!

New York tradition Prince William has taken to already
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Prince William has revealed that there is a fun New York tradition that he has already taken to while in the Big Apple!

William, the Prince of Wales is currently in the US for the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit. The Prince has already attended a variety of engagements in New York City, which included learning about the sustainable Billion Oyster Project, and meeting with first responders at FDNY 10 House. 

On Tuesday, September 19, Prince William appeared onstage at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit at the Plaza Hotel. The Prince chatted with former Earthshot winner, Vaitea Cowan on stage who asked the Prince if he was enjoying New York and if a rumour she heard about him was true.

The Earthshot winner asked the Prince if it was true that he got stuck into the New York running culture and went for a jog in Central Park that morning."Is it true? Did you go running in Central Park this morning?" she asked.

The Prince revealed that the rumour was in fact true as he replied, "I did, Vaitea, yes. I decided to join the hordes of New Yorkers doing their morning routine."

He then revealed that it was a rather lovely experience and he enjoyed the 'beautiful' morning in New York. "It was wonderful waking up in New York on a sunny morning rather than the rain we had yesterday. It was beautiful getting some fresh air this morning," Prince William said.

Prince William

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The Prince then added on a sadder note that he had been eager to return to New York for some time, but life scuppered his plans. "But it’s been wonderful to be back, 2014 was the last time I was here in New York. I’ve been trying to come back for a couple of years, but with COVID and my grandmother passing last year, it hasn’t been easy," he said.

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The Prince has been photographed running during a number of sporty engagements and his passion for the great outdoors and exercise has been discussed by the Prince of Wales on a number of occasions. Last year, Prince William showed off his boxing skills during an engagement but revealed because of an old knuckle injury he couldn't really pursue the sport. 

As the President of the FA, his passion for football has also been well-established over the years. At some recent engagements with the Lionesses, the Prince has even had a little kick about and showed off his skills. It has also been established that the Princess of Wales is also rather sporty - suggesting the pair have a shared passion for exercise and perhaps jog together when they are back at home.

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