The item Queen consort Camilla won't wear in public from now on - but Kate Middleton still will

There is an item of clothing that the Queen consort no longer seems to wear in public since taking on a more senior role in the Royal Family

the item Queen Camilla won't wear
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There is one specific item Queen Camilla won't wear now she's taken on a more senior role, but Kate Middleton still rocks this specific look despite her more senior title.

Since becoming the Queen consort, Camilla has not been publicly snapped in jeans. Before Queen Elizabeth II's passing in September 2022, Camilla had been snapped in jeans on several occasions and spoke about how much she loved wearing this casual style of clothing around the house. 

In 2020 she revealed during a BBC Radio 5 Live interview that she wore jeans for most of lockdown, "I've been very, very happy with my jeans. It will be very hard to get out of them again. I think you get into a sort of way of life, don't you?"

For a time, Camillla was snapped in jeans for many less formal royal engagements. The Queen consort was snapped in straight-leg mid-waisted blue jeans for several royal photo opportunities that showed a more relaxed side to Camilla and give an insight to her lifestyle with Charles.

But, it has now been some time since the Queen consort has shown this more casual style, and this could be because of the cooler weather in the UK over the autumn and winter months, but it could also be because of her new role in the Royal Family.

Since taking on the new title of 'The Princess of Wales,' Kate has continued to be snapped in her trademark high-waisted skinny jeans. Kate Middleton's jeans are typically skinny and she owns pairs in a variety of shades including black, navy, and shades of blue. It seems that whatever the weather, jeans are a go-to look for the Princess who is constantly snapped in the best jeans to suit her slender figure.

A fashion expert, Melissa Lund, spoke to the Express and told them that while on the surface, the Princess and the Queen consort may have similar looks, there are clear wardrobe choices that show a clear style distinction between the two.

"This is an interesting one to comment on because, on the face of it, if you had to describe them to someone, you could say that Kate and Camilla often wear fairly similar clothes," she said. "They both like a tailored dress and coat combination or a coat-dress as a stand-alone item. However, they wear their clothes differently, with Kate’s clothes being cut closer to the body, which shows off her slim figure, and Camilla’s having a less fitted, more forgiving cut, designed to skim the body."

"Kate also wears skinny jeans and slim trousers, which are also not something Camilla wears," added the expert, noting that when the Queen consort does wear jeans, they are never skinny style. "Camilla can certainly wear slim, tailored trousers. I guess the truth is that she may not actually like either style and that's why she doesn't wear them."

The expert concluded that that skinny jeans also lack a certain grandeur that is also now expected from the Queen. "The skinny jeans are a casual look and she may feel they're not appropriate for her because they lack gravitas," said Melissa.

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