The heartbreaking story behind Duchess Camilla's golden sunflower brooch at latest royal engagement

Duchess Camilla's golden sunflower brooch pays tribute to an important woman and a horrific story

Duchess Camilla's golden sunflower brooch
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Duchess Camilla's golden sunflower brooch has caught the attention of fans at a recent royal engagement, but this lovely piece has a sad story behind it.

On May 3, the Duchess of Cornwall attended a photography exhibition titled 'I Am' which included a collection of portraits of domestic abuse survivors by photographer, Allie Crewe.

At this royal engagement, the Duchess of Cornwall wore a gold sunflower brooch that had the word 'Sabina' inscribed on the flower. While this brooch was lovely, the story behind this floral brooch was a devastating tribute to a victim of violence against women.

The brooch paid tribute to Sabina Nessa, a 28-year-old woman who was murdered while walking home. Sabina Nessa's body was discovered in Kidbrooke on September 18, 2021, after she was murdered the night before. Her killer was discovered to be a man unknown to her, randomly attacking her because of sadistic and sexual motives.

In tribute to Sabina, the organizers of the event handed out pins like the one worn by the Duchess as the women at this event honored one of the many victims of violence against women.

Duchess Camilla

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In a speech at this photography event, the Duchess spoke about the importance of the project and how she was moved by the brave women involved. "The photographs are both incredibly moving and inspiring," began Camilla.

"Moving because of the depth of pain and loss that the survivors have endured at the hands of those who claimed to love them, and inspiring because these photographs show us how survivors can, and do, take back their own identity and their own stories, which have too often been eroded and taken from them by the abuse they have suffered."

Camilla concluded by saying, "I am so honored to launch this exhibition and I wish it—and all the survivors who are gathered here—every possible success as, together, we seek to end domestic abuse forever."

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On the same day, Duchess Camilla revealed her royal obsession as she discussed her unlikely hobby and fascination with royal memorabilia. This was at a pre-Jubilee Big Lunch at Emmaus Mossley Homelessness Charity in Manchester ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.

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