Sabina Nessa—vigil organized for the 28-year-old teacher murdered on her way home

A vigil has been organized to pay tribute to Sabina Nessa, a teacher in South East London who was found murdered on Saturday

Sabina Nessa
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Sabina Nessa's body was discovered in a London park over the weekend and has prompted a police investigation into the young teacher's death.

The 28-year-old teacher, who taught Year One at Rushney Green Primary School in Catford, was discovered on September 18, 2021. It is thought that the teacher was watching home through Cator Park, Kidbrooke when she was murdered.

Police suspect that she was killed around 8:30 pm on September 17, 2021. However, her body wasn't found until the next day by a member of the public. Police arrested a man in his 40s under the suspicion of murder but let the suspect go after further investigation. 

Sabina Nessa vigil

The local Kidbrooke community and women's safety groups are arranging a vigil that will take place a week after her death, this Friday night in Peglar Square, Kidbrooke Village.

Reclaim the Streets, a group that was highly publicized when they helped organize the vigils for Sarah Everard—another woman whose kidnapping and murder sparked a public outcry about women's safety—has made a statement about the upcoming vigil.

The group announced on Twitter, "On Friday night, we will join Sabina Nessa’s community in solidarity against violence against women and to acknowledge her life."

"Join us in Peglar Square at 7 pm. If you can't join in person, please light a candle at 7 pm on your doorstep. RT and share. Say her name. #SabinaNessa"

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Investigation into Sabina Nessa's murder

Detective Superintendent Luke Marks who is investigating Sabina's possible murder has announced, "This did not happen in the middle of the night; people would have been in and around the park at the time."

"We are horrified by the shocking murder of Sabina Nessa, and our thoughts remain with her family and friends."

"We have extra officers in the area conducting high-visibility patrols, and anybody in London, regardless of gender, should be able to go out in an evening and not be concerned about being the victim of violent crime," the Detective Superintendent concluded. 

Anyone with information or any witnesses pertaining to this case is being asked to call the police on 101, reference 5747/18. To remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Government response to Sabina Nessa's murder

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan tweeted on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, "I'm heartbroken by the death of Sabina Nessa. My thoughts are with her family, friends and the whole community. 

"I urge anyone who was in the area to contact the Met Police—any information will be vital in the investigation and help bring the perpetrator to justice."

Local MPs have also begun to put pressure on the government to enact legislation that will aid women's safety in the UK.

Janet Daby, the Labour MP from Lewisham East said in Parliament on Wednesday, "Her [Sabina Nessa's] life was brutally taken, like so many before her, through misogynistic violence.

"How many women's lives must be stolen before this government takes serious action?"

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Sabina Nessa backlash

Social media users have been quick to point out that despite the similarities with the Sarah Everard case, much less attention has been given to Sabina's brutal murder. The two women were both murdered while walking home alone in London.

"Her name was Sabina Nessa. A brilliant young woman, with her whole life ahead of her, just like Sarah Everard. Please pay the same attention." tweeted one Twitter user.

"It is quite astounding that the Sabina Nessa murder is not dominating the news. Yes, there has been an arrest, and so there are significant reporting restrictions in place, but the conversations about violence against women, and the stories about her life are sadly lacking," said another.

Anyone with information or any witnesses pertaining to this case are being asked to call police on 101, reference 5747/18. To remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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