The epic sport Princess Charlotte and Princess Catherine both look like total pros at revealed in amazing new pics of Wales family outing

Princess Charlotte and Princess Catherine look totally at ease with a bow and arrow in hand

Princess Charlotte Princess Catherine skill in common
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Princess Charlotte proved that she takes after her mother, Princess Catherine, when it comes to one particular skill during the Wales family's special post-coronation engagement. 

  • Princess Charlotte wowed royal fans with her archery skills during the Wales family's visit to a Scout group following the coronation celebrations. 
  • It seems Charlotte takes after her mom, Kate Middleton, who put her archery abilities to the test when she and Prince William visited Bhutan. 
  • In other royal news, Princess Charlotte was captured sticking to the 'three second rule' and fans are obsessed. 

After arriving in Slough to help with the renovation of a Scout hut as part of the The Big Help Out, the Wales family provided some seriously sweet family moments as they marked their first official engagement as a family-of-five. 

While Princess Charlotte's display of the three second rule left royal fans laughing, Prince Louis's sweet family nickname was revealed by Princess Catherine. 

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were all treated to some sweet snacks as they roasted marshmallows for s'mores around the campfire, Prince Louis was snapped enjoying a ride in a digger and Princess Charlotte even debuted a fantastic skill.

Princess Charlotte Princess Catherine skill in common

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Looking quite the fashionista in sparkly white sneakers, Princess Charlotte appeared to be a total natural when she tried her hand at archery. 

Getting stuck in, Princess Charlotte, who celebrated her eighth birthday earlier this month, looked like an absolute natural as she took some shots with the plastic bow and arrow. 

It comes years after mom-of-three, Kate Middleton, looked just as at ease with a bow and arrow during her and Prince William's 2016 visit to Bhutan. 

Princess Charlotte Princess Catherine skill in common

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Trying her hand at the country's national sport, Kate and William were given their own bamboo bows and arrows. 

Princess Catherine grinned and laughed as she took her shots, looking relaxed as she took her shots despite not quite hitting the target. 

Princess Charlotte Princess Catherine skill in common

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It seems that Princess Charlotte is growing up to be just as sporty as Princess Catherine when it comes to her hobbies, too. 

The young royal, who is third in the line of succession, is known to be a huge fan of gymnastics, with Princess Catherine previously revealing she "spends most of her time upside down". 

Charlotte is also said to be big on swimming, while Kate is famously skilled at rugby, running, netball and hockey. 

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