Sweet photo of a young Princess Anne bears uncanny resemblance to younger royal but it's her hairstyle that really wows

Princess Anne bears an uncanny resemblance to a member of the Royal Family in an unearthed photo of the Princess Royal at age 12

Princess Anne bears uncanny resemblance to younger royal
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An unearthed image from the 1960s revealed that Princess Anne bears an uncanny resemblance to another member of the Royal Family, particularly when they were the same age as the Princess.

An unearthed photo of Princess Anne has been discovered from the 1960s. In the image, the Princess Royal looks like she is slightly sneering or scowling at a photographer who is taking her photograph while she is with her grandmother, the Queen Mother. 

The image was taken in March 1963 when the Princess was just 12 years old and was meeting her parents, the Queen and Prince Philip at London Airport as they returned from a Royal Tour. It was reported that the image was taken by Ray Bellisario who was allegedly credited with being the 'original paparazzo' and was someone who frequently upset the Royal Family with his 'informal and often unwelcome style' of photography.

Princess Anne

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Eagle-eyed fans can't help but notice how much the Princess looks like her own daughter Zara Tindall, particularly when comparing to photographs of  Zara when  was around the same age.

An image of Zara from 1994 shows that just like her mother, Zara is more than capable of giving unwelcome paparazzi a severe look. Zara shares her mother's fair hair and it seems that both had rather expressive blonde eyebrows when they were younger. 

Princess Anne

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Similarly, comparisons between the Princess and her young granddaughter Isla could be made. Isla is just 10 years old at present and older images of her show that she has inherited her grandmother's face shape and blonde locks.

While she has yet to nail her grandmother and aunt's scowl, the Princess Royal's granddaughter has certainly inherited their looks and bares a striking resemblance to her family members. 

Isla Phillips

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This unearthed image of Princess Anne also indicates that her bouffant style of hair hasn't always been her go-to look. While the Princess has worn this style of hair for decades, this image shows that in her pre-teen years, she opted for simpler looks and had rather blonde hair as opposed to the chestnut brown locks that she is known for these days. 

The Princess didn't start wearing her hair in a bouffant style until later in the 1960s, and has stuck with this look as her main style for the last several decades. 

Princess Anne At A Banquet In Dubai During A Royal Tour (exact Day Date Not Certain)

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Other unearthed images have shown that while some things about the Princess Royal have changed, other things have remained consistent. This is best illustrated by Princess Anne's wildly futuristic sunglasses from 1966, proving she's always had a love for funky accessories and still opts for kooky sunnies in 2023!

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