Sarah Ferguson has welcomed in the New Year with a daring colour – and a new confession

Sarah Ferguson's lime green dress is a bold start to 2024

Sarah Ferguson welcomes in 2024 with a surprising new confession
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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has had the right idea – starting 2024 off on a bright note.

Looking ultra glamorous and ready to ring out the year, Fergie posted a photo to her social media in the final hours of 2023 wearing the most stunning silky outfit.

Reclining on a bed, Sarah complemented her signature fiery red locks with a shirt and trousers co-ord look in a matching shade of wasabi green.

Made from a soft, flowy satin material, the co-ordinated look is an easy way to ooze the Quiet Luxury trend – and we love that Sarah wasn’t afraid to choose a more divisive colour.

Proof that taking a risk pays off! The shade of green flattered the warm tones of her auburn hair and her amber eyeshadow.

The Duchess seems to be taking style tips from Kate Middleton, who has begun regularly sporting head-to-toe monochromatic looks.

From her dazzling all-white outfit when attending her third annual Christmas Carols concert to the stunning all-blue outfit for the 2023 Christmas Sandringham walkabout, it would seem that playing with different shades of one colour might be a dominating trend in 2024.  

It wasn’t just her luxurious outfit which captured fans attention, though. In the caption, Sarah made a shock new confession about having a new someone – “Derek” by her side… but it’s not *quite* as it sounds.

Sharing a heartfelt message with her latest snap, Fergie’s caption read, “2023 hasn’t been without its ups and downs, trials, lessons, laughter, miracles and joy.”

Exploring some of her personal and professional moments of the year, Sarah touched on her breast cancer diagnosis.

“I made the Sunday Times Top 5 Bestseller list for… A Most Intriguing Lady! I was diagnosed with breast cancer and now I have got a Derek on my left.”

£7.49, Amazon

A Most Intriguing Lady, Sarah Ferguson - £7.49, Amazon

Scandals, seduction and secrets… and one woman’s quest to uncover the truth. The most intriguing historical romance of 2023. Perfect for fans of Bridgerton, written by the Duchess of York.

Yep, while some fans have flooded to her comments confused about their confession about “Derek”, it would appear Sarah is referring to the aftermath of her breast cancer surgery earlier in the year – and we love that she’s kept her well-known sense of humour about it all.

The Duchess of York has a reason to embrace the bright and bold vibes going into the New Year – after overcoming some tough times to end 2023 on a positive note.

Sarah Ferguson joined the royals for Christmas 2023

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She was invited to join her daughters – Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie – and the rest of the Royal Family for her first Sandringham walkabout in over 30 years.

After divorcing Prince Andrew and facing some tabloid scandals, Sarah’s re-acceptance into the royal fold has been hailed as a sign of the “forgiving” King Charles offering an olive branch for her years of loyalty to the family, despite everything.

It was well-known that Fergie continued to praise the royals over the years, and even enjoyed a special bond with the late Queen Elizabeth. So much so that she was chosen to inherit the Queen’s beloved Corgis upon her death.

A source at the time told The Telegraph that Fergie and the Queen had maintained their special bond prior to the monarch’s death. They said, “The Duchess bonded with Her Majesty over dog walking and riding horses and, even after her divorce, she would continue her great friendship with Her Majesty, by walking the dogs in Frogmore and chatting.”

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