Queen's special bond with great-grandchild Lucas revealed in previously unseen photo

The Queen's special bond with her great-grandchildren has been revealed by a sneak peek at an unseen photo at a recent royal engagement

Queen's special bond
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The Queen's special bond with her great-grandchildren, in particular Zara Tindall's youngest child, has been revealed by a private family photograph that fans got a sneak peek at during a recent royal engagement. 

In a recent royal engagement, the Queen received Rear Admiral James Macleod and Major General Eldon Millar at her home, Windsor Castle.

All eyes were on the Queen and her guests, but some eagle-eyed fans spotted an unseen family photograph of the Queen's great-grandchildren.

Since Zara Tindall gave birth in the bathroom of her Gatcombe Park estate last year to her son Lucas, fans have speculated as to whether the Queen has had many opportunities to spend time with the youngest members of the royal family. Now fans can see that the Queen has a special bond with the tot as she proudly displays a framed image of herself holding her young great-grandchild in one of her reception rooms at her home.

Royal experts at Hello spotted this image and suggested that this was most likely Lucas, but with so many youngsters in the family, many of whom have not been publically photographed, it is a struggle for even the biggest royal fans to pinpoint which baby this is.


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(Image credit: WPA Pool / Pool / Getty)

In the past four years, Prince Harry and Meghan have welcomed their two children Archie and Lilibet. Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack also welcomed a son named August. Zara Tindall gave birth to Lucas in 2021, as did Princess Beatrice who gave birth to a daughter named Sienna in September 2021. So it could be argued that the baby pictured on the Queen's lap is August or Sienna, or even Lilibet.

However, given that this image also features Mike and Zara Tindall's other children, fans can place their bets that the little baby in this photo is most likely Lucas Tindall. 

This image appears to be an updated image of a photograph that was taken before the Duke of Edinburgh passed away. The original image was taken in Balmoral Castle in 2018 and featured seven of their great-grandchildren. 

This updated image is a sad reminder for the Queen that her husband did not get the opportunity to meet many of his great-grandchildren and did not see them grow up.

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed during this most recent royal engagement at Windsor Castle that the Queen's favorite chocolates were in full display. The chocolates were placed in front of this lovely image of the Queen and her family and fans were excited to discover that Her Majesty has a sweet tooth.

The Queen has never revealed her favorite meal but fans can take comfort that like the rest of the nation, Her Majesty is also partial to a sugary snack every once in a while!

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