The earring style Queen Camilla has never worn - and you might never have noticed

There's an earring style Queen Camilla never wears for a very simple reason - and it means modifying certain stand-out jewellery pieces

There's an earring style Queen Camilla never wears for a very simple reason. Seen here Queen Camilla arrives at the Situation Room on November 03 in Mombasa
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There's an earring style Queen Camilla never wears but her way around it is so seamless you might never have noticed at all.

Even before she became Queen Consort, Her Majesty was associated with specific pieces of jewellery that she’s rarely seen without. These range from her Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra five motif bracelet to the necklaces that she regularly layers, including her £95 Monica Vinader pendant charm. She also often brings out some magnificent royal pieces and whilst the same is true of her earrings, there’s an earring style Queen Camilla never wears - traditional post-style earrings.

Many people might never have noticed as some of her earrings have been modified to be clip-ons - as we saw recently during her and King Charles’ State Visit to Kenya. Here she wore multiple pairs of stunning earrings, including some that could have always been clip-ons, but at least one pair will have been adjusted.

Queen Camilla attends a State Banquet hosted by President Ruto

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The £46,900 Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra 3 motifs earrings in white gold with diamonds she wore to a State Banquet on 31st October have a clip back with a detachable stem. The website states that there's the option to "remove or reposition the stem in store" and Queen Camilla will most likely have opted to have the post removed rather than moved.

It’s also possible her pearl drop earrings from 2nd November, gold pear-shaped earrings from 1st November or the beautiful deep green round drop design worn on 3rd November were originally made as post-style earrings too before being adjusted. The reason for potentially all of them being modified lies in the simple fact that Queen Camilla’s ears aren’t pierced. Nor will they ever be, according to Her Majesty, who told British Vogue that she wouldn’t be convinced to treat herself to piercings for her 75th birthday.

Queen Camilla arrives at the Situation Room in Mombasa

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“[T]hey are not going to be!” she declared in 2022. “No, I’m not going to give it to myself for a 75th birthday present. [The grandchildren] will try to persuade me, but nothing’s going to pierce my ears.”

This means that every time Queen Camilla is spotted wearing any earrings, whether they’re more day-to-day ones or luxurious jewel-encrusted ones that used to belong to Queen Elizabeth, they’ve all got to be clip-ons so she can wear them. The modifications on them are so seamless it’s impossible to tell and the clip-on earrings give the same glamorous effect without Her Majesty having to compromise on her desire not to get her ears pierced.

Queen Camilla during her State Visit to Kenya

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She’s not the only royal never to have taken this popular step, though. Her niece-in-law Princess Beatrice has famously never had her ears pierced either. She’s sometimes been pictured with earrings but it’s believed that she also favours clip-ons when she wants to add some extra sparkle to her outfits.

Queen Camilla’s clip-ons have taken this to a whole new level as she regularly wears magnificent royal earrings to major events. But for daytime engagements, as we’ve seen also in Kenya, the Queen loves a few pairs in particular. Her pearl drop earrings feature a pearl dangling from a floral-esque shaped gold disc with clear stones set into it.

Queen Camilla watches a military exercise at the Mtongwe Naval Base

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She is often seen wearing these and she’s also consistently worn her gold leaf-shaped pair. These have a disc with a dark stone set into it and attached underneath is a pear-shaped section set with smaller stones. Both of these are her go-tos for engagements at home and abroad and with them Queen Camilla showcases how important it is to have versatile earrings that work with any look - as well as how you can enjoy earrings without necessarily having your ears pierced.

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