Princess Charlotte uses four-words to remind Prince George of the rules

Princess Charlotte has always looked out for her siblings during big royal events

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Future King Prince George can rely his younger sister Princess Charlotte to keep him on the right track, as she has a four word order for him during big royal events.

Princess Charlotte has previously been spotted reminding her siblings of royal protocol during big events. 

She looked out for her little brother Prince Louis during King Charles’ coronation at the start of May, and even kept big brother George in check during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

The oldest children of Prince William and Princess Catherine paid their respects to their beloved 'Gan Gan' on September 19 last year, while younger brother Prince Louis stayed at home.

After attending a service at Westminster Abbey, the siblings went to Windsor and it was here that Charlotte could be seen whispering something to George. 


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According to lip readers, she appeared to tell George "you need to bow" when the Queen's coffin came past them.

Quick to follow his sister’s advice, George was seen bowing his head as a sign of respect.

More recently at the King’s coronation, Charlotte is said to have taken on a ‘protective role’ over her brother Prince Louis.

The eight-year-old daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales was seen sitting alongside her little brother in a royal car with their parents after leaving the palace.

The siblings later held hands during the opening moments of the historic service as they made their way to their seats behind their parents.


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Their older brother, George, arrived separately, as he was one of the eight pages of honor for the ceremony.

This comes after James Middleton has called Prince George, Charlotte and Louis “lucky” for growing up with their dog Orla.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, James recalled he was “devastated” that he, Kate and Pippa didn’t have a pet.

So much so that he’d write letters to his parents Carole and Michael Middleton to try and “convince” them to let him have one.

“I’m really pleased that they are able to enjoy and have the benefit of a dog in their lives,” he said. “I see them being lucky that they have a dog in their life.”

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