Princess Anne is the 'fun aunt' of the family despite her 'stiff and standoffish' outer shell that is reserved for professional moments

Princess Anne can have a serious exterior but she's plenty of fun too, a royal expert says

Princess Anne fun aunt
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A royal expert has pointed out that Princess Anne is the 'fun aunt' of the Royal Family, despite her sometimes 'stiff' exterior, following her appearance on Mike Tindall's podcast. 

Having appeared on Mike Tindall, James Haskell and Alex Payne's The Good, The Bad and The Rugby podcast as part of a royal special alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Anne shared some insights into her personality that have made us love her even more than we already did. 

As the royal trio chatted to Zara Tindall's rugby star husband Mike, along with co-hosts James and Alex, the three opened up about the sporty and competitive nature among the family, with Princess Catherine having been exposed as a beer pong pro

As Prince William recalled his 'terrifying' memories of racing around the Balmoral courtyards with his aunt Princess Anne, the Princess Royal joked that she was good at the 'corners'. 

"You were quite quick. The look that you had on your face was quite terrifying," William recounted, sharing the fond memories of Anne.

 Now, a royal expert has pointed out that although the late Queen's only daughter can come across as stern, she is actually the 'fun aunt' of the family, with the podcast allowing listeners to get a deeper look into The Firm's touching bond. 

Speaking to OK!, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond said, "Mike and his rugby colleagues have a wonderful way of teasing out little titbits about life behind the Palace walls.

Princess Anne fun aunt

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"It’s always fascinating to get a glimpse of how the family get on with one another, and also what they get up to in private."

Jennie added, "The image, for example, of Princess Anne chasing William, and now his children, around the 'Balmoral Square' and often winning because she is 'good at corners' illustrates that, despite her sometimes rather stiff appearance, she’s a thoroughly fun aunt to have around."

Revealing that Anne's serious energy is mainly reserved for the press, Jennie explained, "Anne can come across as pretty stiff and standoffish, but that is simply part of her professional persona. As I know only too well, she is not keen on cooperating with or opening up to journalists."

Caitlin Elliott