We learned something surprising about Kate Middleton as she joined Mike Tindall’s podcast wearing a suitably appropriate print

The Princess of Wales was wearing the Prince of Wales check pattern on her Catherine Walker blazer

We learned something surprising about the Princess of Wales as she joined Mike Tindall's podcast
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While joining her husband, Prince William, and his aunt, Princess Anne, for a special taping of Mike Tindall’s podcast, Kate nailed the smart casual look in a Catherine Walker blazer. Looking relaxed, Kate joked about her famous competitive reputation and shared how she keeps in shape, but it was Mike Tindall’s revelation that Kate partakes in a very surprising drinking game which surprised us the most.

Fans have been given a right royal treat this weekend as Princess Anne, Prince William and Kate Middleton sat down for an unexpected family reunion at Windsor Castle to record an episode of Mike Tindall’s podcast, The Good, The Bad and The Rugby.  

For the appearance, the Princess of Wales looked flawless as usual, nailing a smart casual look with an apt Prince of Wales print blazer, slim jeans and heels.

Kate Middleton wore the Prince of Wales print on her blazer for the family podcast session

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Kate’s blazer is from one of her favourite designers, Catherine Walker (who was the late Princess Diana’s personal designer for 16 years), and she’s worn the jacket on many occasions.

While Catherine Walker's exact jacket is reportedly a bespoke piece, but you can recreate Kate's look with a perfect lookalike. As we approach autumn, the print is perfect for layering, and can be worn to work with smart trousers, or while out and about with a pair of casual jeans. 


Grey Checked Print Blazer, £95|Sosandar

As proven by the Princess of Wales, this type of check blazer is forever on trend. Wear it with casual jeans, a smart trouser or even a leather trouser to mix up the look this autumn.

Looking relaxed on the sofa with William, Kate is seen leaning into her husband often, laughing both at him and with him.

But the Princess didn’t escape without having some ribbing at her own expense, as Mike Tindall let slip that Kate plays something many would find surprising for the glamorous royal – beer pong.

When on the topic of team sports and competitiveness, Mike chimed in with, “I'm not going to say you're really competitive... [but] I've seen her play beer pong.”

Does this mean the royals have faced off against each other with the classic drinking game? We’d love to see that!

Mike was actually full of surprising tidbits – winning over his mother-in-law by praising her driving.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth was famous for her love of driving. She was a mechanic during World War Two and she famously liked to drive herself, often eschewing royal protocol to take to the driver’s seat.

So it’s lovely to hear that this has been passed down the generations.

The Princess Royal revealed something we’d never known – that she’d actually raced three laps in a Formula One car. Seriously, is there anything she can’t do?

While she was joking about her best achievement being not stalling the F1 car while lapping Silverstone’s iconic race track, Mike shared with his cohosts that his mother-in-law is a “very good driver, actually.”

The compliment clearly impressed Anne, who let out a hilarious noise of surprise.

And then Mike shared that Zara is a great driver too. But one family member called him out, jokingly accusing him of sucking up.

William showed the brotherly bond he has with Mike, bantering with him and asking, “what are you after?” following Mike’s praise for his wife and mother-in-law.

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