Prince William recalls this 'terrifying' memory of Princess Anne - and it's so in keeping with the no-nonsense royal!

Prince William recalled a hilarious memory of the Princess Royal as they’d get competitive at Balmoral

Princess Anne would have a 'terrifying look' on her face as she raced her nephew around Balmoral - Prince William terrifying memory Princess Anne
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While joining his wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Princess Anne, for a special taping of Mike Tindall’s podcast, Prince William revealed what it was like growing up with summers spent in Balmoral with his notoriously sporty aunt – and the word "terrifying" was used, but it’s all in good fun.

A Royal Family reunion took place in Windsor as Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales joined Princess Anne and Mike Tindall for a special recording of Mike’s sporty podcast, The Good, the Bad and the Rugby.

Many revelations were shared – including one about Kate Middleton’s surprising talent for an unexpected drinking game.

However, even more memories and new secrets were shared – and one includes the “terrifying” experience of growing up with a notoriously sporty Princess Anne.

Princess Anne would chase nephew Prince William around Balmoral, he revealed

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Princess Anne revealed that she used to race a young Prince William around in Balmoral. And while many aunts might have let their young nephew race ahead or win, it’s so hilariously on-brand that William revealed Anne – who was the first ever royal to compete at the Olympics – didn’t exactly hold back.  

William revealed that the Princess Royal was, indeed, “quite quick” and the “look that [she] had on [her] face was quite terrifying.”

This whole exchange seems to be more telling of something that runs within the family – competitiveness.

During the same podcast, Anne’s son-in-law, Mike, who is a co-host of the podcast along with his former professional rugby teammates, admitted that he and Zara are super competitive as a couple, explaining, “I would say that my wife and I have that competitiveness about anything, if we play tennis or anything, she would always want to beat me.”

“She always talks about her sprinting career. Sorry if she watches this!”

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Princess Anne joined Mike Tindall for his podcast

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Podcast co-host James Haskell then turned the spotlight on Prince William and Princess Kate, poking them on their notorious competitive natures.

Kate was game for a laugh, jokingly saying, “I don't know where this has come from” before admitting “I don't think we've actually been able to finish a game of tennis. It becomes a mental challenge between the two of us.”

And as for whether the future generations have inherited these traits, it would appear so.

When asked whether Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were picking up this streak, Anne shared her thoughts, chiming in, “Just a little bit, I think.”

It isn’t even just sports that leaves the royals trying to one-up one another. It was famously suggested that the family were “banned” from playing Monopoly because things got “vicious”.

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