Prince William’s coronation crown could undergo major mystical switch-up ahead of King Charles’ big day

Prince William’s coronation crown currently features a significant star-themed design detail that could potentially be changed…

Prince William's coronation crown could be changed. Seen here he speaks to the Earthshot Prize 2022 finalists
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Prince William’s coronation crown could possibly undergo a major mystical switch-up ahead of King Charles’ big day.  

The late Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras might be magnificent but fans are set to see some equally special crowns as King Charles’ coronation day draws near. If she and Prince Harry do accept their recent invitation to the ceremony, we could see Meghan Markle wear two crowns and Princess Charlotte could be honored with a crown too. Though it’s not just royal women attending who are expected to wear crowns. 

Prince William and other men from the immediate and extended Royal Family will likely wear them during the occasion. However, Prince William’s coronation crown could undergo a huge change to update a certain design detail. 

Prince Charles, wearing the gold coronet of the Prince of Wales

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For previous coronations including Queen Elizabeth’s in 1953 peers of the realm and royals alike wore coronets. These have different designs according to rank such as Duke or Earl and during a coronation it’s understood that these are put on by the male attendees once St Edward’s Crown is placed on the head of the King. The peeresses of the realm will instead apparently wait until the Queen Consort is crowned before doing so. 

Prince William is first in the royal line of succession and so would likely wear the existing Prince of Wales coronet for the occasion. This was the one worn by King Charles when he was invested as Prince of Wales in 1969. The fabulous piece was designed by Louis Osman and is crafted from 24 carat gold, with 4 Crosses Patées and 4 Fleur-de-Lis for the child of the Sovereign made from a nugget of Welsh gold. 

Prince Charles wearing a coronet and robes after a ceremony where he was invested as the Prince of Wales, standing with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

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As per the Royal Collection Trust, the Prince of Wales coronet is “reinforced” with platinum and decorated with both diamonds and emeralds. But these aren’t the only special details and as well as the orb on top being engraved with the insignia of the Prince of Wales, there is also a constellation arranged out of 13 diamonds that’s very personal to King Charles.

It’s this which might be updated if it does become Prince William’s coronation crown as the constellation on it is Scorpio. This is King Charles’ star sign as he was born in November whilst Prince William was born in June and his star sign is Cancer.

The Prince of Wales coronet

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Given changes are already being made to Queen Camilla’s coronation crown, who knows if royal jewelers could change the constellation on this crown. It would certainly be a lovely personalized touch, especially as Prince William has yet to wear it since becoming Prince of Wales and the coronation would be the first time and it would make a big statement. 

Last month Prince William discussed his tricky new challenge as he revealed during a visit to Wales that he’s “working on” learning Welsh. 

"I have been saying bore da [good morning] and shwmae [hi there] all day," he reportedly declared. "I'm working on my repertoire."

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