Princess Charlotte could be honored with a special crown at King Charles' coronation

Princess Charlotte could possibly be seen wearing a crown for the first time at King Charles' coronation if tradition is upheld

Princess Charlotte could be honored with a special crown at coronation. Seen here is Princess Charlotte at the Platinum Pageant
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Princess Charlotte could be honored with a special crown at King Charles’ coronation, marking her first time wearing one.

With there are plenty of King Charles’ coronation details that are bound to interest and delight royal fans, the question of which tiaras could be worn for the special day is especially intriguing. After months of speculation, Queen Camilla’s coronation crown has now been confirmed and His Majesty will follow tradition and be crowned with St Edward’s Crown like monarchs have for centuries. Though it’s not just the King and Queen Consort who could be glimpsed wearing significant headpieces. 

If tradition is followed and the Sussexes attend, we might even see Meghan Markle wear two crowns during the ceremony. Whilst Princess Charlotte could be honored with a special crown of her own on May 6, as the coronation is when royals and peers across the realm wear coronets. 

Princess Charlotte of Wales is seen leaving Westminster Abbey

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Coronets have design details that are specific to certain ranks, including Marquess, Duke and Viscount. The royals have coronets too though they’re typically only worn for coronations, meaning that many of us won’t have seen them step out in these traditional crowns before His Majesty’s big day. This includes seven-year-old Princess Charlotte who could be honored with a special coronet of her own at her grandfather’s coronation. 

Given Prince William is first in the royal line of succession, if Princess Charlotte does wear a coronet at the coronation it would make sense for her to wear the coronet laid down by a Royal Warrant for the sons and daughters of the Heir Apparent. 

Queen Elizabeth II seated upon the throne at her coronation in Westminster Abbey

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This was the same coronet assigned to her aunt Meghan Markle when she married Prince Harry in 2018, as per the Royal Family website. At the time King Charles was still Prince of Wales and Heir Apparent himself, meaning his sons and their wives were entitled to this specific coronet at this point. This beautiful coronet’s design is “composed of two crosses patée, four fleurs-de-lys and two strawberry leaves”. 

Pictures from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation show royals and nobles alike wearing their coronets after she was crowned and Princess Charlotte could be honored with this special coronet at King Charles’ coronation. Whilst she is young to be wearing such a significant headpiece, there is a precedent for high-ranking royal children wearing coronets at coronations. 

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Rose, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd from the balcony

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The Queen and Princess Margaret both wore coronets that look to be the one assigned to children of the Sovereign on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at their father King George VI’s coronation. They were eleven and seven years old respectively, so it would make sense that Princess Charlotte might wear a coronet of her own in May. Either way, fans will no doubt be hoping to see all three of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ children attending at least part of King Charles’ coronation day.

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