Prince William and Kate Middleton have 'deadly' taste in cocktails and their favourite drinks are so unexpected

Kate's favourite cocktail was served at her royal wedding in 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton cocktails
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Prince William and Kate Middleton clearly know how to let loose as their taste in cocktails has been described as 'deadly', with both of their favourite drinks being unexpectedly full of strong spirits. 

We all love a cocktail every now and then. Whether it's the latest viral TikTok recipe, which at the moment is singing the praises of the Hugo Spritz, or you're going for a retro '70s and '80s drink recipe to match your trending 70s inspired beach waves, or you're partial to a low-calorie cocktail, everyone has a unique and beloved drink of choice. 

The royals are no different. But while you might imagine that Kate Middleton, who despite her life in the spotlight we're still learning new facts about, probably enjoys a painfully sophisticated cocktail, or that Prince William's favourite drink is likely an intricate recipe that only a-listers know exist, the pair are actually partial to some pretty 'deadly' drinks that they even served at their royal wedding back in 2011.  

Prince William and Kate Middleton cocktails

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During a visit to Birmingham earlier this year, both Kate and William revealed they're partial to 'a glass of white wine' but also enjoy something a bit stronger when the time is right. 

William's drink of choice? A Kamikaze cocktail. He described the drink as 'silent, but deadly,' which is very accurate considering its lethal blend of ingredients; equal parts lime juice, triple sec, an orange-flavoured liqueur, and vodka. The three ingredients are mixed, shaken over ice and served straight up. 

Kate quickly shared her stronger tastes too, saying, "I quite like tequila." However, the spirit isn't her favourite. Revealing her favourite cocktail, The Express reports that the Princess of Wales loves 'a Crack Baby cocktail', which is a mix of vodka, champagne and passion-fruit juice.

In fact, she loves the drink so much it was even served at her wedding to Prince William. However, the mix is a bit heavy and she often opts for something a little less strong for everyday evenings. "William will bring Kate a gin-and-tonic," a source previously told PEOPLE Magazine about the royals' evening routines. "They look after each other but in different ways."

Catherine, Princess of Wales and Prince William visit Che'il Mayan Chocolate Factory

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But while William and Kate may love a cheeky drink now and then, the act of doing so normally has to be done behind closed doors. One of the royal family's many odd and dated protocols, it's royal etiquette not drink before 6pm, which the family traditionally consider to be the 'magic hour', according to The List.

For example, during the royal family's famous garden parties, which are held from 4pm-6pm, not only are the royals banned from drinking, but every single one of the 30,000 guests that attend the parties each year are also prohibited from doing so! But it's no problem in practice as, as HELLO! Magazine reports, tea is the most common drink to enjoy at a royal garden party with guests historically consuming an average of approximately 27,000 cups of tea per party.

However, not every royal loves the rules. Most notably, the late Queen Elizabeth II wasn't a huge fan. When she was told to cut back on her alcohol consumption towards the end of her life, she reportedly found the advice 'a trifle unfair'. 

A source told Vanity Fair at the time of the Queen's ban, "It's not really a big deal for her, she is not a big drinker but it seems a trifle unfair that at this stage in her life she's having to give up one of very few pleasures." 

If you too feel you need to cut down on the drink, or if you're just enjoying Sober October, there are so many expert tips on how to avoid alcohol could make all the difference and a whole host of alternatives to alcohol that you'll actually want to drink instead to make the journey a little easier. 

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