Lady Louise 'a lot more fortunate' than cousins for this touching reason, says Sophie Wessex

Lady Louise is 'a lot more fortunate' than her cousins for the most adorable reason and could be why she's Queen's 'favorite'

Lady Louise Windsor attends day 3 of the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Home Park, Windsor Castle on July 3, 2021 in Windsor, England.
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Lady Louise is 'a lot more fortunate' than her cousins according to her mother Sophie Wessex, who opened up about the close relationship she shares with HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Although the Wessex Christmas card had royal fans wondering where Lady Louise and her brother are, the whole Wessex clan are believed to have spent Christmas Day with the Queen.

Precious time spent with her Majesty isn't only reserved for special occasions however as her mother Sophie Wessex has revealed that they see the Queen more than a lot of the family members.

The Sun reports that the Countess spoke to Royalty Monthly about their beautiful relationship and why they're lucky to get so much time with the Queen.

Countess Sophie explained, "We're a lot more fortunate because we live so close to the Queen, so when she spends a lot of time at Windsor on the weekends, our children are more fortunate because they can go over and have tea with her on a regular basis." 

Apart from being close to her grandmother, this year saw Lady Louise Windsor become the 'royal family's secret weapon' after she made her TV debut. She might be one of the youngest of the Queen’s grandchildren, but she's certainly making her mark with the wider royal family too.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's secret babysitter at Balmoral was revealed to be Lady Louise, who's proving very popular with the next generation of royals. No wonder the 'thoughtful and kind' teenage royal reminds the Queen of herself as a young woman.

Lady Louise's brother James, Viscount Severn, is also likely to be popular with the firm as the Queen's youngest grandchild's has a shocking resemblance to this royal.

The year ahead will see Lady Louise face the challenges of school exams and deciding what she'd like to do when she graduates. Considering the love of carriage driving that she shared with her late grandfather Prince Philip, perhaps she'll spend her well-deserved days off racing around Windsor Castle!

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