King Charles's tattered look in unusual place is dividing royal fans - but there's a good reason for this style

King Charles's tattered look in a recent portrait has a special meaning - and it is particularly significant for the monarch

King Charles's tattered look in a recent portrait has a special meaning - and it is particularly significant for the monarch
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King Charles's tattered appearance in a newly released portrait has been confusing for some - but it's for a good reason!

In celebration of Beano's 85th anniversary, the cartoon creators released a special commemorative issue which featured sporting legends, TV and Movie stars, a whole host of celebrities, and members of the Royal Family.

In the cartoon version of King Charles and Camilla, the Queen looked rather relaxed in a skirt, gilet, and scarf in a classic Camilla off-duty ensemble. This look was also accompanied with a pair of welly boots that matched her husbands shoes and perhaps hinted at their shared love of outdoor pursuits such as gardening and farming. 

In comparison to Camilla's casual ensemble, the King looked rather strange in a patchwork coat, lime green trousers that were held up with trouser twists, and a gardener's cap underneath his crown. 

King Charles's tattered look Beano

(Image credit: DC Thomson/Beano)

The Telegraph described the appearance as 'rough and ready,' and The Express described the look as 'hilarious'. But what was the reason behind his unusual appearance? Why didn't the comic makers just dress him in his go-suit suit and tie look?

A spokesperson for the comic told the Telegraph that there was a good reason why the King looked somewhat tattered in this cartoon image, explaining, "The King has previously revealed how his favourite waxed jacket is lovingly refurbished, with a multitude of patches, and we’ve featured it here with a similar outfit imagined for the Queen." 

The spokesperson added, "We love the fact the King walks the walk with environmentally friendly fashion, something kids today are very supportive about. It’s another example of how taking a kid’s eye view on something can make it feel fresh and new again."

It has been well-established that the King has a passion for preserving the environment and this extends to sustainable fashion choices, farming, fishing and several other important endeavours. The King has also often been seen recycling clothing for royal engagements. In the past, the King and Queen have even been spotted sharing wardrobe pieces! Back in 2022, Camilla wore Charles' clothing for a major engagement and fans thought it was adorable.

Mike Stirling, Director of Mischief at Beano, added that this commemorative edition was dedicated to the children who chose which characters appeared in the anniversary special. "As Beano proudly celebrates its 85th anniversary, it continues to champion the power and joy of childhood by doing what it’s always done, showing kids being kids. Here’s to the next 85 years, and we dedicate this birthday issue to every child out there, because being a kid never gets old," said Mike.

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