King Charles has life membership to a very exclusive 118 year old society - and he’ll never disclose its secrets

King Charles has life membership to a society whose motto concerns the importance of secrecy to all who are part of it…

King Charles has life membership to this society. Seen here he arrives at the Poacher Cheese Farm during his visit to Lincolnshire
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King Charles has life membership to a very exclusive 118 year old society - and he’ll never disclose its secrets thanks to this strict rule. 

Growing up in the Royal Family as second in the royal line of succession for most of his life, King Charles has mastered a range of skills over the years, from horse riding to public speaking and even written published books. Though one of His Majesty’s little-known skills was put to good use in 1975 when he used it to gain entry into a particularly intriguing society. And whilst some royal fans might know about his membership, the ins and outs of the society isn’t something King Charles is likely to disclose any time soon thanks to its strict rules…

As captured in a seriously surprising snap at the time, King Charles stepped out in October 1975 in London to pay a visit to the Magic Circle’s HQ. Here he publicly performed a magic trick, allowing him to gain membership to the 118 year old society. 

King Charles performs his first conjuring trick in public to gain his membership to the Magic Circle.

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According to the Magic Circle the then-Prince Charles’ trick was a cups and balls trick, though they described the result of his performance as perhaps a “forgone conclusion” for the future King.

“His certificate was already signed and was presented to him on the night,” they declared, though King Charles still had to do the trick smoothly in public, making this feat still very impressive.

The King is also one of only four people to be an honorary life member of the Magic Circle, alongside David Berglas, Michael Alderman and Donald Bevan. The Magic Circle was established in 1905 with the goal to “promote and advance the art of magic”. 

King Charles III during a visit to Lochcarron of Scotland

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However, whilst King Charles has life membership to this exclusive society, he’s not likely to ever discuss it much and fans definitely can’t expect him to give up its secrets. Secrecy about how magic tricks are performed is something the Magic Circle is hugely strict about and members must give their word that they’ll abide by the society’s motto - Indocilis privata loqui.

The Magical Circle translates this to mean “not apt to disclose secrets” and revealed that even its first President, David Devant, had his membership taken away in 1910 when The Royal Magazine serialised his book, Tricks for Everyone. He was later reinstated, then “asked to resign” and then readmitted again after this.

So fans unfortunately probably won’t hear King Charles disclosing his magic knowledge any time soon. Nor has he been seen putting his magic skills to the test again in recent years.

King Charles III greets during a Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

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Though his familiarity with public scrutiny might well have calmed any potential nerves His Majesty had on the night he successfully became a Magic Circle member. King Charles’ first public royal engagement took place when he was 16 years old at a Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Here he met hundreds of Scottish and Commonwealth students and from then on, he’s become accustomed to giving speeches in front of thousands and meeting and greeting huge numbers of people.  

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