Prince Harry was 'bored' and felt 'displaced' by William and Catherine's 'bougie family unit'

Prince Harry is said to have felt 'displaced' by the Prince and Princess of Wales soon after they got married in 2011

Prince Harry was 'bored' and felt 'displaced' by William and Kate
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Prince Harry was reportedly 'bored' and felt 'displaced' by the Prince and Princess of Wales when they first married. 

For a time, Prince Harry was somewhat of a royal sidekick or third wheel to his brother and sister-in-law. Often, the young Prince would be snapped with the Prince and Princess of Wales as they attended engagements and events as a trio and appeared to genuinely enjoy each other's company. 

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However, even as a trusty trio, there were reportedly cracks very early on as Prince Harry felt 'bored' by the life that interested Catherine and William and felt 'displaced' by his brother's relationship and newfound interest in his inlaws, the Middletons and their life in Berkshire.

In the 2022 book, The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, a royal expert and author explained why the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William began to break down so many years ago.

Prince Harry was 'bored'

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According to Tina Brown, a former aide reportedly told the author that distance began to grow between the two brothers soon after William's wedding to Catherine in 2011. Per The Express, Tina wrote, "Though they were still 'incredibly close, living next door to each other [at Kensington Palace], sharing the same office, and hanging out a lot", [Harry] mourned his us-against-the-world bond with William."

The author revealed, "Harry felt displaced by their bougie family unit, and couldn’t understand his brother's obsession with his in-laws."

It was suggested that the Prince of Wales was spending more time at Bucklebury Manor, the Middleton's home in Berkshire which bored Prince Harry. "Bucklebury world bored Harry to tears." The author added, "[William and Kate] had a tight unit, and William [became] a full-on Windsor country bumpkin."

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Bucklebury Manor, the Middleton family home is situated in a quiet countryside space in Berkshire. The seven-bedroom Georgian mansion is estimated to be worth around  £4.7 million and is much quieter than Kensington Palace where the three young royals were living back in 2011.

Of course for the Duke of Sussex who was just 27 years old when his brother married Princess Catherine, he had a very different outlook on life and had other interests outside of settling down and finding solace in the countryside. The Prince himself wouldn't settle down until he was around 34 when he married the Duchess of Sussex in 2018.

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