Kate Middleton's go-to Superga trainers are 38% off today for Prime Day - get them before they're gone

Amazon Prime Day sales have started and Superga's classic shoes known as the 'Kate Middleton trainers', are on sale now with up to 38% off

Comp image of Kate Middleton wearing the iconic Superga trainers - now on sale on Amazon Prime Day's early access sale
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The iconic Kate Middleton trainers from Superga have finally gone on sale for Amazon Prime Day, so now is the time to snap them up!

The Princess of Wales is a known fashionista who always knows how to nail a look. Whether it's wearing a tiara and a ballgown, or a pair of shorts and trainers, the future Queen knows how to dress for the occasion and when to trade her diamonds for sneakers.

Much like many of Kate Middleton's dresses, when the Princess wears something it almost immediately sells out. However, thankfully this latest deal is still very much in stock, and there are plenty of savings to be made on Amazon Prime Day.

The Princess of Wales is often seen in her best white trainers, her Superga plimsolls, which she often wears for casual royal engagements or sporty activities. The white canvas shoes typically retail at around $65 / £60, but for today, on the Amazon Prime Day sales, the trainers are nearly 40% off!

Kate Middleton

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2750 Cotu Classic in White, $65 / £60.35

2750 Cotu Classic in White, $65 / £60.35 $39.99 / £37.14 | Amazon

The original canvas plimsol is hard to beat, especially when they have the royal stamp of approval. They're now 38% off so snap them up quickly and wear them with everything from jeans to dresses.

The Superga 2750 Cotu Classics are Kate Middleton's go-to trainer style, but there are plenty of other similar Superga trainers that are also included in the Amazon Prime Day sale. 

The Amazon sales include the rope sneaker creeper Superga trainers, and the mule style backless shoes, which are perfect for people looking for more comfort or a bit of height in their trainers. 

Kate Middleton trainers

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Women's 2790 Rope Sneakes $89 / £82.92

Women's 2790 Rope Sneakes $89 / £82.92 $46.28 / £43.00 | Amazon

These Superga rope trainers have a rubber sole, canvas upper design, and espadrille woven platform for an added bit of height to your trainers.

Also included in the Amazon Prime Day sales is Catherine and Carole Middleton's favorite rosehip seed oil, which is 40% off right now. Similarly, the nail varnish brand loved by various women in the Royal Family is also included in the sales, and is available for an absolute steal!

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