Kate Middleton channels Jackie Kennedy in latest stylish outfit and we're obsessed

Kate Middleton's fashion inspiration comes from all over the globe, as the Duchess is influenced by a variety of powerful women

Kate Middleton's fashion inspirations
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Kate Middleton channels Jackie Kennedy and various other incredible women in the royal family with bold new look.

Kate Middleton channels Jackie Kennedy

On March 14, fans claimed that Kate Middleton's blue outfit at Commonwealth Day service was a nod to Ukraine as the Duchess wore an entirely cobalt blue coat dress paired with blue heels and a clutch. Although the hue of her outfit may have paid tribute to Ukraine, the hat that she wore with this ensemble had a totally different inspiration.

The Duchess clearly channeled Jackie Kennedy with her pillbox hat that was a signature look of the former first lady. This also isn't the first time that Kate has borrowed this signature look and has worn a pillbox style hat to various different royal engagements including an Easter service in 2017.

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton channels Princess Diana

On various occasions, the Duchess of Cambridge has been inspired by her late mother-in-law. Kate Middleton made a sweet nod to Princess Diana last year when she wore items of jewelry that once belonged to the Princess of Wales.

Similarly, when Kate has given birth and has posed with her newborn outside of the hospital, she has been inspired by Princess Diana's maternity wear. After giving birth to Prince Louis, the Duchess wore a red outfit with a white collar that clearly paid tribute to the outfit worn by Princess Diana after she gave birth to her youngest son, Prince Harry.

Princess Diana

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Kate Middleton channels The Queen

Although the Queen may not be the first person that you think of when it comes to fashion, Her Majesty has inspired many of the Duchess' outfit ensembles.

The main style tip that Kate Middleton steals from the Queen focuses on color blocking. Throughout the Queen's 70 year reign, Her Majesty has often been seen dressed all in one color. This is primarily through long coat dresses that match her various accessories including hats and handbags. 

This color blocking technique is regularly emulated by Kate Middleton who has clearly been inspired by the Queen's style tips.

As a world leader who has been in the public eye for her entire life, the Queen has been instrumental in setting the tone for women's fashion when it comes to royal events. Even at the age of 95, her style tips are still being copied by the younger members of the royal family, and her brooches and tiaras are still lent out to the family for royal occasions.

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton channels Michelle Obama

Former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama was often seen wearing formal wide-leg trousers paired with a long coat. This is a style tip that Kate Middleton has also been influenced by as the Duchess has often been seen in this formal but chic style.

Michelle Obama

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It is clear that Kate Middleton has a variety of different fashion inspirations, many of which originate from powerful women who have influenced the fashion industry through their position in the royal family or in political spheres.

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