Kate Middleton's shiny hair is down to this tool that costs less than $17

Kate Middleton's go-to hairbrush for keeping her locks shiny is so affordable

Kate Middleton hairbrush
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The hairbrush Kate Middleton is said to use to keep her iconic locks super shiny and luscious is so affordable. 

Perfectly coiffed, it never puts a foot (or cuticle, should we say) wrong, whether the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, opts for a classic up-do or bouncy waves.

But let's face it, glamorous hair treatments do come with a price, whether you're a princess or not. For example, taking strands a lighter shade ups the risk of damage and dullness to an otherwise glossy head of hair—which might have been a concern for her after she added a few highlights.

Despite regularly changing the tone of her locks, Kate always manages to keep her tresses looking ultra healthy and shining. 

Interestingly, Kate is said to use a hair tool that won't break the bank. It's a $17 (£12.95) detangling brush. 

Tangle Angel 2.0 Gloss Pink, $17 (£12.95) | Feel Unique

Tangle Angel 2.0 Gloss Pink, $17 (£12.95) | Feel Unique

Designed for detangling both wet and dry hair and suitable for all hair types, the Tangle Angel is said to be Kate's go-to brush for keeping her locks in tip top condition. 

Kate's hairdresser Richard Ward has waxed lyrical about his Tangle Angel since 2016 when he first started explaining its role in ensuring Kate Middleton's blow-dries looked healthy and full of bounce.

Of course, the combination of a glossy serum and smoothing the hair's cuticles with one of the best hair dryers will always encourage hair to reflect light. But according to trichologist Anabel Kingsley, the way we brush our hair is also a big factor in whether it stays shiny and healthy or simply snaps off.

Kate Middleton's hairbrush

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According to Kingsley, boar bristle brushes are a too heavy handed "as they can remove sections of your hair's outer cuticle (its protective layer)." Metal prongs are another no-no as they overheat when you blow-dry, potentially burning both your scalp and hair. 

The key to the Tangle Angel's success are the bristles, explains Ward. "They are soft, they flex and return. They don't pull the hair, they separate and guide the strands smoothly. They are also heat resistant for blow-drying."

All of which elevates the Tangle Angel to hairbrush royalty. 

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