How Prince Louis helped Queen Camilla relax with touching gesture

Prince Louis makes Queen Camilla feel less stressed, a body language expert has claimed

Queen Camilla and Prince Louis
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An expert has explained how Prince Louis helps Queen Consort Camilla to relax during royal engagements. 

Prince Louis helps Camilla Queen Consort to ‘relax’ when she is taking part in royal engagements, according to a body language expert. 

Speaking to the Mirror, Judi James has said four-year-old Louis shared some sweet moments with the Queen at the festive service held in St Mary Magdalene church.

"Camilla's body language signals suggest she is often in a state of tension or nervousness in public," she said.

"When the royals emerged from the church Charles appeared to be in high spirits, pointing to and laughing with the clergy but leaving Camilla trailing in his wake."

Queen Camilla and Prince Louis

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"Her repeated eye-dart rituals as she tried to position herself alongside her husband reflected inner tension or awkwardness and the way Louis stepped away from his parents to join her and chat to her suggested he was keen to cheer her up with some company and help her relax."

She added, "Louis' body language is still very spontaneous and small children can often feel or sense when someone needs company."

"He was also busy later showing this side of his personality as he called for his picture of Paddington to be shown to a small girl and rushed up to Charlotte with a small bouquet of flowers."

Some social media clips of the royals also caught sweet interactions between Louis and his grandmother, with one particular clip showing them chatting as they left the church.

Meanwhile, Christmas Day for the family included a Christmas lunch at the Sandringham estate, as well as the walk to the church and the festive service.

It also marked the first time in three years that the celebrations took place in Norfolk due to coronavirus restrictions.

Queen Camilla and Prince Louis

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It was also the first time Prince Louis had taken part in the tradition, as he walked alongside his siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well Prince William, Princess Kate and King Charles.

This comes after Louis was seen in another sweet moment with his sister Charlotte during the walk.

In a video shared by a fan on Twitter, Louis could be seen running towards Charlotte shouting her name before passing her a bouquet of flowers.

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