How Kate Middleton will spend her birthday – and why this year might be extra special

The Princess of Wales is known to prefer a quieter celebration

Kate Middleton will celebrate her 42nd birthday on January 9
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Fresh from the joys and chaos of Christmas, the Wales household will be gearing up for even more celebrations as Catherine, Princess of Wales marks her birthday on Tuesday, January 9.

Kate will turn 42 this year, and, after celebrating over 12 birthdays within the Royal Family since marrying William in 2011, it’s suggested the Princess could receive a rare privilege from King Charles this year.

While that remains to be seen, fans are also curious as to how the mother of three likes to spend her birthdays.

Kate Middleton will spend her birthday with her family

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Well, citing sources close to the royals, one expert has told the Mail that it’ll be a typically low-key affair for the Princess. Which seems fitting after a busy Christmas.

Not only did Kate have to make it special for her three young children after hosting her third annual Together at Christmas carol concert (including a heart-warming surprise tea party beforehand for special guests involved in early years development work), she spent Christmas Day dazzling fans in her stunning all-blue outfit as she attended the family’s annual Sandringham church service and walkabout.

It’s likely Kate and William would have spent some time travelling between the royals in Norfolk and Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, in Berkshire over the Christmas and New Year.

So, who could blame the Princess of Wales for wanting a chilled birthday.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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The source revealed, “They'll be at Windsor as the children are just about to start back at school, so it will just be family. But to be honest, that's just the way she likes it.”

They added the detail that Kate and the family will likely indulge in a surprising sweet feast, tucking into “jelly and ice cream” at home with the children rather than something more high-profile or fancy.

This family affair could be exactly what is needed for the Princess after a busy year, and this birthday could be extra special and important because there isn’t any impending drama, unlike in 2023.

In 2023, Prince Harry’s much-anticipated memoir, Spare, was released the day after Kate’s 41st birthday.

Spare by Prince Harry | £14 at Amazon

Spare by Prince Harry | £14 at Amazon

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In the book, many allegations were levied against key members of the Royal Family, including one accusation that Prince William physically attacking his younger brother.

This year, while the feud between the brothers reportedly continues, it’s become more of a cold war – with both sides largely keeping it out of the media.

So, a nice, quiet time at home might be a welcome change – and a great start to 2024.

Kate and Pippa Middleton in 2008

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Despite being a hugely popular figure who could no doubt enjoy a party with a number of famous friends and faces, Kate often spends her birthdays with just her nearest and dearest – not being seen hitting the town and living it up since her 26th birthday back in 2008, where she went to some London hotspots with sister, Pippa Middleton.

Kate’s first birthday with a royal title was her 30th in January 2012. She had married William in April 2011 and decided that no birthday celebrations could rival that of the royal wedding, so her 30th birthday was spent enjoying a romantic meal with William at Kensington Palace.

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