Exciting news for royal fans as Prince Louis’ role in the coronation has been revealed - and he's joining his siblings!

The excitable youngest child of Prince William and Kate didn’t join his siblings at the Queen’s funeral, but he will be at the coronation

All three children will join their parents for King Charles' coronation
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While Prince George and Princess Charlotte were expected to make an appearance at King Charles’ Coronation, it was unknown if their younger brother, Louis, would join them. This is because he was deemed too young to be at the funeral of the late Queen – and because of his excitable, hilarious behavior at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. However, new plans for the Coronation reveal he is expected to be involved.  

King Charles’ Coronation this May was always going to be special, and one for the history books.

From the break from tradition with Camilla’s crown, the possibility of a second balcony appearance and the more modernized approach with a plant-based Coronation oil, it’ll be the perfect combination of centuries old traditions with modern sensibilities.

However, the King will have extra reason to feel proud this May – as it’s reportedly confirmed that all of Prince William’s children will attend and have a role.

George, Charlotte and Louis were last seen altogether for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

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Plans seen by The Times show that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are all set to join their grandfather as they leave Westminster Abbey at the end of the ceremony.

As second in line to the throne – behind his father, Prince William - it has long been thought that Prince George, now nine years old, would attend the coronation. There has also been speculation that he will have a more prominent role to play than his siblings, though this hasn’t been confirmed.

Princess Charlotte’s eighth birthday is four days before the coronation, and she too was expected to attend, having been at the Queen’s funeral last year.

George and Charlotte both took part in the state funeral of their great-grandmother, joining other members of the royal family for the procession into the abbey.

George, Charlotte and Louis will ride in the procession back to Buckingham Palace

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Afterwards they were driven to Wellington Arch to see the coffin transferred from the gun carriage to the royal hearse for the journey to Windsor.

In doing so, the mature pair became the youngest members of the royal family ever to join a funeral procession.

Louis was missing, as he was only four years old.

Many understood that, as such a young child, he might not have been able to sit still for such a solemn occasions. Especially with memories of his energetic behavior from the Platinum Jubilee fresh in the public’s minds.

All three of William and Kate’s children are now expected to join their parents in a carriage behind the King and Queen, who will be in the Gold State Coach.

They’ll take part in the procession back to Buckingham Palace, which is reported to be about a third of the size of the one Queen Elizabeth II took on her coronation in 1953.

Prince Charles attended his first coronation aged just 4, and soon he will be crowned the King with his own grandchildren there

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While the children are still young, they aren’t the youngest to take part in such a historic event.

When Elizabeth was crowned in 1953. Prince Charles, then four, attended part of the three-hour service, sitting between the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

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