The classic jewellery item The Duchess of Cambridge loves to wear

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine is renowned for her stunning style and there is a particular item she is often seen wearing.

Yes, you guessed it…pearl earrings. Ever since coming into the spotlight, The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted wearing a variety of styles of pearl earrings.

While fashions have changed over the years, the simplicity yet beauty of a pearl earring have made them a go-to for Catherine.

Reported in Hello!, it is thought her favourite pair are made by designer Annoushka (opens in new tab). The gorgeous, glamorous earrings can be bought online for £1,220 online.

Catherine is not alone with pearls being a royal favourite - the Queen is often seen wearing pearl earrings.

You’d think perhaps Catherine took inspiration from the Queen, however, it seems pearls have always been a staple in the Duchess’s jewellery collection.

Even back in the early days of university, Catherine was seen wearing the classic item. Prince William and Catherine met at St Andrews University in 2001 while studying a degree in Art History.

In December 2006, Catherine made an appearance at the Sovereigns Parade, Royal Military Academy to watch her future husband graduate as an Army officer at Sandhurst.

This was a significant appearance for Catherine and she marked the occasion with a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings to go with her striking black hat and smart red jacket.

It appears whatever the occasion, whether she is wearing jeans or a dress, the Duchess of Cambridge will have a pair of pearl earrings to match. What a lovely way to add some glamour to an outfit!

The Duchess of Cambridge even matches a waterproof jacket with a pair of pearl earrings, and doesn't she look great?

It is safe to say Catherine is quite the style icon!