Wordle 13 April—the answer for Wordle 298 revealed if you're struggling

Here's the answer for Wordle 13 April, as fans are delighted with the slightly easier word challenge

Wordle 13 April
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If you've been scratching your head and wondering what the Wordle 13 April answer is, here is what you need to knowbut be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

Wordle 298 was another challenge from the game makers at the New York Times and while some players found this game a little tricky, others relished the 'easy' task on April 13.

While previously, Worlde has been known to throw a few curveballs at players and put words such as 'lowly,' 'natal,' and 'foray' as answers for the daily word game, on this occasion the Wordle answer seemed relatively relaxed. 

Wordle Unlimited

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What was the answer for Wordle 13 April?

The answer for Wordle on 13 April was 'chunk.' 

This word was one of the kinder challenges from the New York Times as the word didn't have any pesky double letters and had a pretty standard word format. The word 'chunk' is also a pretty common word and fans are used to encountering this word in everyday life, unlike some of the other tricker challenges which had fans whacking out their dictionary in order to solve the puzzle.

If you aren't sure, 'chunk' means, it is a solid piece of something, ie: a chunk of potato in a soup. It can also mean a small piece of a larger part, ie: a chunk of text from the novel.


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Many Wordle players enjoyed this challenge and took to social media to share their success. "Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Fun word! Wordle 298 3/6," said one player who solved the challenge within three tries.

"Wordle 298 2/6 This is probably the greatest moment of my life. #Wordle," said another player who only needed two guesses to solve this challenge.

"Wordle 298 3/6 Well that was pretty easy today #wordle," said yet another player. 

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