When does The Bachelorette 2023 start, who is the Bachelorette and where can you watch it?

The Bachelorette 2023 is nearly here!

the bachelorette 2023

Ready for love and drama? The Bachelorette season 20 is just days away - here's everything to know about it, including a hilarious twist. 

Bachelor fans are still mourning the ending of the 27th season - but not to worry, Bachelor Nation, season 20 of The Bachelorette is following close behind. 

Every summer, Bachelorette fans from across the nation gather together on Monday evenings to watch the beloved and long-standing dating series, where one Bachelorette will have to choose between a pool of over twenty guys. Of course, chaos and drama always ensue, which, let's be honest, is what makes the Bachelor franchise so damn entertaining. 

Here's everything you need to know about the new season coming this summer, including where to watch, who the Bachelorette will be, and more. 

Who is the new Bachelorette?

This summer, Bachelor Nation will be pleased to know Charity Lawson from last season's Bachelor will be returning to find love. Although things didn't work out for her with Zach Shallcross, we have high hopes that she'll find the one this time around. 

Charity was the fourth runner-up on “The Bachelor” Season 27, being sent home after Shallcross met her family during hometown dates.

Charity, 27, is a child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia. She earned her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Auburn University. ABC’s bio describes her as “searching for a life partner who loves dogs, thrifting and a good tailgate; but, above all else, is honest, empathetic and values her for who she is.” The network says she is “eager to find lasting love” to match her parents, who have been married for over 47 years.

When does the Bachelorette start in 2023?

Season 20 of The Bachelorette premieres June 26 at 9 pm EST on ABC and the season premiere will be approximately two hours long. This is a later time than the show usually airs compared to the usual 8 pm air time - and while some folks are upset by it, others don't seem to care. 

"9pm… y’all know who your target audience is, right? We have work in the morning," one person commented under an Instagram post announcing the official season 20 release date. 

Another disagreed, saying, "I’m shocked at how many people are saying 9pm is too late though. Like why are y’all going to bed so early? Omg like it’s only ONE hour difference."

How can I watch season 20 of The Bachelorette? 

If you have a cable subscription, The Bachelorette will be available to watch at 9 p.m. on Mondays on ABC. 

HuluTV an YouTube TV subscriptions also allow fans to watch the show live. If you cut the Live TV cord a long time ago, first of all, join the club - but don't worry, the episodes will also be available for next-day streaming online on Hulu, even without a premium subscription. 

However, if you are based in the UK or elsewhere in the world, you may struggle to access the new season of The Bachelorette unless you can access Hulu, which can be done via a VPN. 

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What's The Bachelorette twist this season?

The teaser trailer for season 20 starts with Charity and the show's host Jesse Palmer talking - and he reveals to her that there is a man standing in front of the Bachelor mansion who she already knows. She thinks, understandably, it could be an ex, or even Zach. 

As she gets to the house, though, she sees that it's her brother, Nehemiah, stepping out of the limo to greet her. "I’m on the lookout, because men can be dogs," he explained in a voiceover addressed to the audience.

"I have a plan. It involves a disguise." And as Nehemiah’s words rang out, the video showed him wearing a wig, a hat, eyeglasses and even a glued-on mustache.

“It’s going to help me really find out more about these guys,” he continued. “To see if they’re really here for her for the right reasons, or if it’s time to get them out. I’m about to become ‘Undercover Brother.’”

So yes, Charity's brother will be staking out all of the guys that will soon enter the mansion but will be in disguise so the men don't suspect anything. This whole "undercover brother" thing might just prove to be the most genius ploy the Bachelor franchise has ever devised. 

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