We just found out Gillian Anderson has a libido-boosting drink launching and the flavour sounds intriguing, to say the least

Partnering with the season 4 release of Netflix's Sex Education, Anderson's drink brand G Spot has released its most sensual flavour yet

Gillian Anderson - G Spot launch
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Gillian Anderson is back in our lives, and thankfully in more ways than one. Not only is she reprising her role as Dr Jean Milburn in Netflix’s Sex Education, but she’s also releasing a new sensual flavour with her drinks brand G Spot.

The hit series has reached its fourth and final season to many viewers' dismay. Since the first season premiered in 2019, the show has captured hearts globally as each episode has artfully explored sexuality through the ages and made us all laugh with awkward teen nostalgia.

It’s not all sad news though because Gillian has branched into other areas of our lives by founding G Spot. The wellness brand started during the COVID-19 pandemic when Gillian was looking for a healthy yet satisfying alternative to her favourite sugary caffeinated drinks. According to the brands site, “G Spot is the sweet spot between taste and functionality.”

Partnering up with the release of Sex Education season 4, G Spot has launched a new libido-boosting flavour aptly named Arouse. With various invigorating and stimulating flavours, this small can is set to make big waves in the bedroom.

Gillian Anderson - G Spot launch, Arouse

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Arouse has been designed to ‘awaken your senses’ by using active ingredients and flavours. It has passionfruit, white peach, and habanero all of which are blended with the natural aphrodisiac Butterfly Pea. Along with these natural tasty and nutrient-rich ingredients, are amino acids l-arginine and l-citrulline which can be found to increase blood flow to sexual organs to improve libido.

This isn't a sudden sex-positive change in direction from Anderson's brand, as G Spot’s CEO, Rebekah Hall says, “At G Spot, we believe wellness is due a fresh take. One that’s less intense and anxiety-inducing. One that truly makes you feel good, without guilt or inhibition.” This doesn't come as much of a surprise as Gillian Anderson is well known for her open conversations on sexuality.

Should you not be quite in the mood to be aroused then you’re still in luck. G Spot has three pre-existing flavours called Lift, Soothe, and Protect which are all made in the UK. Similar to Arouse, each one is filled with functional ingredients to naturally get your body and mind to a better more relaxed state. They’re also caffeine-free and low calories with no artificial sweeteners, so they won't be keeping you up even if they're being enjoyed at bedtime.

The drinks are available to buy both online or in your nearest Harvey Nichols store. With prices ranging from £3.50 to £29.99, they can be enjoyed for as little or for as much as you'd like in either packs of 6 or 12. And what better way to enjoy your binge-watch of the final Sex Education season than cracking open an ice-cold refreshing can of Arouse?

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