Victoria Beckham shares what she does ‘twice a day, every single day’ to get flawless makeup-free skin

Victoria Beckham reveals her simple skincare routine.

Victoria Beckham's makeup free skin steals the show as she reveals her top tips
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Victoria Beckham has just shared a video of herself completely makeup-free – but her skin looks so good, some fans aren’t convinced.

Accusations of lying about wearing makeup is surely the best testimonial one could hope for, so we’re definitely taking notes from the tips Victoria shares in the video.

From the £4 tool which gives her perfect hair to the LED face mask she swears by, Victoria doesn’t believe in gatekeeping her beauty secrets. And now she’s sharing something she does “twice a day, every single day” which gives her the flawless skin of a Spice-Girl-turned-fashion-mogul.

Posting on her Instagram account, a fresh-faced Victoria, wearing a fluffy robe with a white towel wrapped around her hair, addresses her nearly 33 million followers by saying, “So I'm here in New York, I just cleansed my face. I’ve got no makeup on and I'm going to show you what I do every day, what is part of my skincare routine.”

First up was her Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, which she dabs “all over my face.”

Victoria swears by her serum, describing it as a “power serum” which has helped with “fine lines.”

VB x Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum - Victoria Beckham Beauty, £116

VB x Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum - Victoria Beckham Beauty, £116

This potent firming, lifting, and smoothing serum targets multiple signs of aging for more youthful, radiant skin - and Victoria Beckham uses it 'twice a day, every single day.'

In the video, she says, “What I love about this power serum is it's not sticky at all. I like to really pay a lot of attention to the eye area. Because what it does is hydrate.”

“And also I've really noticed how I've seen a difference in the fine lines around my eyes through using both the power serum and my Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer. It feels so nice on the skin. I like to really, really push it into the skin.”

Victoria Beckham has shared some masterful skincare tips

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Next up in the fashion mogul’s simple skincare routine was the one thing nobody should forget – moisturiser.

Always look for a good moisturiser with SPF if you’re planning on being outside, and Victoria shares an extra tip on how to get the most out of your moisturiser.

VB x Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Original - Victoria Beckham Beauty, £60

VB x Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Original - Victoria Beckham Beauty, £60

A lightweight restoring moisturiser that leaves you with with rejuvenated, exquisitely radiant skin.

“With this, I start by pressing into the skin like I have the power serum and then what I do is, in an upward motion, I kind of massage,” she continued. “Never forget the neck. And what I love, see how this gives a natural shine to the skin? Look at that. It's so pretty.”

If Victoria hadn’t treated fans enough, she then shared another expert tip – and it means not letting any of your lotions and potions go to waste.

She revealed she likes to massage any leftover product into her hands. “I think that quite often we forget about our hands. Hands and neck are as important as face,” she said.

She wrapped up the video saying, “And this is what I do twice a day, every single day. I'm now prepped and ready to apply my makeup.”

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