This new app will help you achieve the perfect press-on nails

Get the perfect manicure, made just for you

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It seems as if there's an app for practically everything these days, and for nail art enthusiasts, that's now a reality. The female-founded app Nailstry will now make it easier for you to obtain the perfect press-on nail.

You can now upgrade your press-on nail game by downloading the Nailstry app. Freshly manicured nails are a thing of the past. Today, press-on nails have taken over the beauty realm with even celebrities showing off trendy and chic nail art, designs, and shapes.

It may not always be possible to get your nails done professionally, and while there are plenty of DIY manicure options and dryers available, press-on nails are a simple and fun way to show off your style.

Nail art is at the heart of this app and the brand is using AR technology to help you get the best press-on nails fit specifically for them.

How it works is the app uses an ai-powered measuring tool to capture your nail's unique measurements. Just snap a photo of your nails and let the app work its magic.

To find the perfect nail styles for you, the app also acts as a marketplace for nail designers around the world to showcase their designs. You can shop around and find whatever styles you like from funky patterns, nail rings, to a classic matte finish. Depending on what type of nail adhesive you use will also determine the length of time you can wear the press-on nails. Each nail is made out of non-toxic and reusable materials so they'll last anywhere from two days to two months.

The best part about the app is that you don't have to leave your home, after selecting your desired nails, just add them to your cart and they'll be shipped straight to your home (no nail appointment required).

For co-founder of the app Aurelia Edward, the idea for the app came from her noticing the limited options for press-on nails. 

"Nailstry was created out of the personal need to find salon-quality press-on nails that fit," said Aurelia. "Due to the limited variety of press-on selections in big-box retailers and the time and sizing limitations when trying to shop online, I decided to create an easy and fun way to find custom-designed press-on nails while providing a sizing solution for both the customers and the designers." 

She also found support through Apple's Entrepreneur Camp for Black Founders and Developers which helped her refine the user nail experience. After receiving support, she continues to other minority founders. 

"We pay it forward by supporting other minority founders and giving back to coding programs such as Black Girls Code," explained Aurelia. "Inspired by my obsession for nail art, Nailstry is truly at the intersection of beauty and technology, providing a simple solution for press-on nail shopping."

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