10 TV Shows We Couldn't Wait To Get Home To Watch

We can remember it well. The sweet anticipation when the school day is over and you skip home from school ready to settle on the sofa and tune into your favourite TV show. Whether you were desperate to see events unfold at The Waltons' idyllic mountain home, the kind-hearted Paddington make another blunder, or to see where Mr Benn's fancy dress adventures will take him next, here are the ten TV shows we couldn't get home to watch...

1. Mr Benn

The perfect gentleman. Dressed in a black suit and bowler hat, Mr Benn leaves his house at 52 Festive Road to embark on a magical adventure at the fancy dress shop. As he disguises himself as all manner of creatures, he enters a fantasy world, in keeping with his disguise. From astronaut to deep sea diver, we never got tired of Mr Benn's adventures.

2. Bewitched

At the slight twinkling of her nose, Samantha Stephens can produce magical effects. This enchanting series follows Samantha, a witch with magical powers, as she tried to live a normal family life and conceal her powers from her husband Darrin.

3. Blue Peter

With their own on-screen pets, Blue Peter garden and Blue Peter badge award system, Blue Peter is a phenomenon that has infiltrated many childrens' lives. With ideas on things to craft, create and cook, interviews with your favourite celebrities and sports personalities, it's a national favourite and, when the garden was vandalised in 1983, it left a generation of shocked children.

4. The Clangers

A family of pink mousey creatures who reside on a moon-like planet which grows music trees with note-shaped fruit. The Clangers dine on Blue String Pudding and Green Soup from the Soup Dragon and their adventures on this fantastical planet never failed to make us smile.

5. Sabrina The Teenage Witch


Sabrina Spellman must have been the envy of every teenage girl. With magical powers, a talking cat and two crazy Aunts as carers, her life seemed far superior to our own ordinary teenage lives.

6. The Multicoloured Swap Shop

The Saturday morning show which saw one person's rubbish become another person's treasure. The Swap Shop bought an ingenious concept to our TV screens where children could ring in and swap their unwanted toys for something else.

7. The Magic Roundabout

'Time for bed!' said Zebedee. This colourful early evening show saw the beloved characters of Dougal, Ermintrude, Dylan, Florence, Zebedee and Mr Rusty, singing, bouncing and strumming their way round the magic roundabout.

8. Mork and Mindy

Mork is an alien from planet Ork who is trying to adjust to life on planet Earth, with the help of Mindy. Puzzled by the culture on Earth, when Mork reports back to his home planet at the end of each episode, his accounts are humourous takes on life as we know it.

9. Paddington

The story of an adorable, kind-hearted bear who arrives homeless in England after a deadly Earthquake destroyed his home in Peru. 'Paddington', so-called after the train station in which he was found, is taken in by the Brown family. The episodes provided plenty of laughs as sweet-natured Paddington found himself in humourous predicaments and mishaps.

10. The Waltons

In an idyllic white cladded house at the foot of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, live the Waltons. John and Olivia, their seven children and their Grandparents Zeb and Esther. Each episode is narrated retrospectively by John-Boy, the eldest son, and sees the Walton family embody strong family values of love and care as they welcome strangers into their home.