Shania Twain recreates her That Don't Impress Me Much look and we're screaming

Country star Shania Twain dazzled audiences with a throwback look that everyone is still talking about while attending the People’s Choice Awards, where she also performed a greatest hits medley

Shania Twain
(Image credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor)

What's old is new again: Shania Twain showed up at the 2022 People's Choice Awards, where she also performed, in an outfit oh-so-reminiscent of her iconic leopard-print look from her 1997 music video for her single That Don't Impress me Much.

Unsurprisingly, fans noticed the fashion similarities immediately, praising Shania, who recently posed nude, for her on-the-nose choice.

The 57-year-old artist wore a black and leopard-print custom gown by Rodarte that boasted a sheer panel across her stomach and down her arms, covering her fingertips in glove-like fashion. Just like the look she opted for over two decades ago, this year's outfit featured a hood. 

Shania Twain

(Image credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor)

The bottom half of her outfit slightly differed from the That Don’t Impress Me Much video, where she donned leopard pants. On the red carpet, the bottom of Shania’s gown was comprised of a black velvet skirt with a V-shaped "opening" in the front that allowed her to show off her amazing abs.

Beauty-wise, the country star, the subject of Netflix documentary Not Just a Girl, opted for pink, bubble gum-like hair and lipstick. 

Fans were treated to an awesome Shania performance at this year's People's Choice Awards, where she sang a medley of her biggest hits, including Any Man of Mine, That Don't Impress Me Much, Waking Up Dreaming and Man I Feel Like a Woman. 

At the end of her show, Billy Porter presented Shania with the music icon award. 

"Oh my gosh, this is such a privilege and a dream!," Shania said on stage. "Am I dreaming? Thank you so much for presenting me with this award and for highlighting my work as having a significant impact. I don't know if that's the right thing to say, but it's always my wish to inspire people with my music. I always miss my mother at these moments my life. She would have loved watching her little girl living this moment right now. But my fans, my friends, my team — you are the ones, who really fill that space… not my mother's space. But you're here with me, you're celebrating, we're celebrating together, and you've made me feel loved and special my whole working life. I'll always be grateful for that." 

Shania went on to discuss her passion for music and how it has shaped her life. 

"From a very young age I turned to songwriting as a form of escapism," she said on stage. "This is my go-to place. It never occurred to me how powerful lyrics can become when you are able to record and share them with the world. The biggest honor is that people have found strength and inspiration in my work. Thank you and I love you for that."

During her performance of That Don't Impress Me Much, Shania swapped part of her legendary lyrics about Brad Pitt and called out to actor Ryan Reynolds, who was actually sitting in the audience at the time. 

Originally, Shania sings - "okay, so you're Brad Pitt?" but, at the awards show, the musician opted for “okay, so you're Ryan Reynolds?” The camera immediately pointed to the actor, who seemed surprised and delighted about the change. 

Ryan actually took to Instagram to comment on the happening after the program. The actor posted a clip of the performance alongside his reaction on his Instagram stories, tagging Shania and writing below it, "This may be the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Shania is currently gearing up for the release of her new album, the first one since Now, which debuted back in 2017. Queen of Me is scheduled to drop in February of 2023, when Shania will also embark on a tour to promote it.

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