SATC fans flip as Sarah Jessica Parker spotted filming in Carrie's old wedding dress - 'Iconic then and iconic now'

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out in Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress from 2008 - fans reeling ahead of And Just Like That... season 2

Carrie's wedding dress spotted ahead of And Just Like That season 2, seen here is Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of "And Just Like That..." Season 2 the follow up series to "Sex and the City"
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Carrie's wedding dress is among the most recognizable TV gowns of all time. The stunning Vivienne Westwood dress went down in fashion history but as the look from the past leaps into the present - fans are wondering what the hell is going on.

SATC? More like OMG WTF, as behind-the-scenes shots of And Just Like That season 2 show Carrie's wedding dress getting another big day out. The dress, worn by Sarah Jessica Parker's character on her wedding day to the ultimate romantic antihero Mr Big, is in a lot better shape than the groom - who kicked the bucket in season 1.

The first look at And Just Like That season 2 left fans divided and this latest development has left them utterly baffled. One devotee of the show saw it in real life and tweeted, "CANNOT BELIEVE I SAW SARAH JESSICA PARKER FILMING AND JUST LIKE THAT OUTSIDE CARRIE’S HOUSE IN HER WEDDING DRESS!!!!"

Sarah Jessica Parker is seen on the set of "And Just Like That..." Season 2 the follow up series to "Sex and the City" in the West Village on November 3, 2022 in New York City.

(Image credit: James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images)

The show, a spin off of the unforgettable Sex And The City, has been setting tongues wagging as shooting is well under way on the streets of the Big Apple. 

"SJP in Carrie’s wedding dress again. I’m gonna bawl my eyes out I swear," tweeted an ecstatic fan of the show.

Understandably, many are wondering why the heck she's wearing the gown again. Is the scene a flashback? A dream sequence? A Halloween costume or perhaps an April Fools day prank a few months early? One Twitter user suggested something along the latter when they tweeted, "it’s carrie’s original wedding dress so i think they’re just being silly."

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker are seen on the set of 'And Just Like That' on November 3, 2022 in New York City.

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As ever, the show's producers, stars, and HBO are staying relatively tight-lipped about what we might expect from the upcoming season of the show.  After its first season proved such an enormous hit - the pressure is on to deliver another dose of high-end entertainment.

In the meantime, the rumor mill has been spinning double speed - to sate the entertainment-starved And Just Like That devotees. After Sarah Jessica was spotted out and about in a stylish utility-style boiler suit, some believe that the embers of an old flame may be burning once again. If you're an expert in all things SATC, you've probably already guessed who we're talking about. He's handy, he's hunky, and he knows how to whittle wood. Yes guys, Aidan. 

So is Aidan back for And Just Like That season 2? And is Carrie’s wedding dress getting the ultimate recycling? As if, Carrie would never wear the same look twice. It’s unclear when the new season will premiere but until then, it’s all to play for.

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