'And Just Like That' Season 2 - Sex and the City reboot returns as Sarah Jessica Parker teases photos

The 'And Just Like That' season 2 teaser is just enough to drive fans wild and as it gets into production - here's what you need to know

And Just Like That scene
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And Just Like That Season 2 is definitely happening and viewers of the spin-off are, understandably, thrilled. 

From fashionistas longing to learn how to dress like Carrie Bradshaw to everyone obsessing over the on and off-screen drama, the show has proven to be a rip-roaring success. 

So much so that when Sarah Jessica Parker posted a teaser, sharing a photo of the cover of a script for the first episode - the fans went wild.

This tiny tidbit has proven feast enough for the show's legions of fans, who have been waiting with bated breath since March 2022, when the show's official Instagram account revealed that a second installment of the spin-off had been confirmed. 

And it looks like there's more to come. In the last week alone, Sarah Jessica and her fellow co-stars have been sharing more sneak peeks from behind the scenes of And Just Like That - much to the delight of its devout fanbase. In true Sex and the City fashion, the New York actress revved up excitement for the show's return with a good, old-fashioned costume photo. 

In the close-up snap, the heeled gladiator sandals Carrie favored in the first SATC movie can be seen, alongside a purse in the shape of a pigeon, can be seen. A mini Fendi bag, which seems to have been specially made for the series, is also clasped around her ankle. 

And Just Like That has been a hot topic of conversation, rarely out of the headlines or the trending searches on social media from the get-go. Before the show's first season premiered, headlines were made about Kim Cattrall’s decision to not return as Samantha Jones. Kim Cattrall threw shade at the ‘trashy’ reboot, which no longer features her iconic character - much to many viewers' dismay.

Once the show launched, the series shocked fans with the surprise death of Carrie’s husband, Mr Big. Big, real name John James Preston, suffered a heart attack after taking a ride on his Peloton, and the episode saw Peloton stock prices plummeting.

Chris Noth

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The series faced further negative attention headlines following sexual assault allegations against Chris Noth, who played the infamous Mr Big. Sarah Jessica Parker responded to the allegations, releasing a joint statement with her co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis.

Despite the dramas on and off set, And Just Like That season 2 is in production. Here's everything we know ahead of the next season of the hit HBO Max show.

Will Kim Cattrall be in And Just Like That season 2?

Kim Cattrall recently shared a Sex and the City reunion... of sorts

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Not so surprisingly, Kim has stayed resolute in her decision not to have anything to do with the spin-off. However, it has been confirmed that Samantha Jones is to star in And Just Like That Season 2.

Before you go into full chaos mode and start to speculate who they may cast to play the iconic character, the show's creator has made it clear that Samantha will appear in And Just Like That season 2 in the same way she did in the first season - via the medium of digital communication.

And Just Like That season 2 cast

After And Just Like That season 2 was confirmed back in March 2022, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis all posted their delight on Instagram. This would indicate we can expect their return for season 2.

Sara Ramirez, who plays Che, also posted a behind-the-scenes pic from the second season's production, so she'll be back for round two.

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