Carrie and...who?! And Just Like That fans shocked by potential new romance

And Just Like That fans are shocked as they pick up between a potential new romance that may be blossoming

And Just Like That fans shocked by potential new romance
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And Just Like That fans have been shocked by potential new romance that seems to be blossoming between Carrie Bradshaw and another character...

From Carrie Bradshaw's 'gross' accessory that disappointed fans, to Kim Cattrall throwing shade at 'trashy' Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That has been riddled with controversy both on and off-screen, and the show may have just stepped into another controversy.

And Just Like That fans were shocked when they picked up on a little little bit of sexual tension between Carrie and Miranda's husband Steve, and many think that the show may be planning to end the season with the characters getting together.

Sex and the City

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During the latest episode of And Just like That, Steve and Carrie joined forces to help paint a women's shelter. When the pair were left alone, Steve confronted Carrie about Miranda's romance with Che.

While questioning Carrie, Steve takes a step towards her and she steps back into a paint tray. He bends down to help Carrie with her shoe as he apologises and says it's her fault.  While washing her shoe, Carrie accidentally drops Big's wedding ring down the sink and calls for Steve. Of course, Steve saves the day and rescues her ring from the drainpipe and hands it to her.

The scene is only a few minutes long but places emphasis on the fact that they are both without partners now and have already established a good friendship over the decades. But some fans think there is more than just friendship between these two characters. 

And Just like that

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Later in the scene, Steve gestures to his wedding ring and says "This ain't never coming off." To which Carrie responds, "don't you maybe wanna find someone, at some point?" Steve responds, "Never coming off."

Despite this statement, fans still think that the pair have chemistry and many think that the writers might try to pair Steve and Carrie together before the series ends.

"This week's "And Just Like That" made me think that maybe Carrie should get together with Steve, so I've OFFICIALLY followed the show's lead and lost the plot," said one fan on Twitter.

"Call me crazy, but I got the weirdest vibe that the writers are trying to put Carrie and Steve together. Anyone else feel that in the last scene after he recovered the ring? #AndJustLikeThat" said another fan on social media.

"Not Carrie and Steve having chemistry with each other?? #AndJustLikeThat" added a third.

The next episode of And Just Like That will continue on HBO Max and Now on February 3, 2022.

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