Ruth and Eamonn's new show, Do The Right Thing, proved a huge hit with viewers

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We see the couple every Friday on This Morning, but Ruth and Eamonn have returned to late-night TV with their new show, Do The Right Thing, recently.

The first episode of the couple's new, prime-time show on Channel 5 aired yesterday (8th March). And it seems as though it went down a storm with excited viewers.

Taking to social media, many fans praised the first episode, calling it both "informative" and "heartwarming".

One fan wrote, "Really enjoying #DoTheRightThing with @EamonnHolmes and @RuthieeL ! Should be more programmes like this on telly. Great stuff."

While another agreed, "#DoTheRightThing What a good informative show".

A third viewer also said, "What a fantastic first episode of #DoTheRightThing on @channel5_tv it was, with the fantastic @EamonnHolmes and @RuthieeL. Really lovely and heartwarming show."


Ruth and Eamonn's new show is a live audience programme, which has the ambition to “make the world a better place”.

According to Channel 5's website, it is going to “put the spotlight on rogue companies and red tape, whilst championing inspiring consumer stories and creating emotional reunions”.

The programme will see the TV pair tackle tough topics, and raise important issues. In one episode, Ruth and Eamonn speak to one mother whose baby suffocated on a nappy sack.

Of the difficult topic, Ruth explained to The Sun, “There will be some items that are difficult to watch – we talk to a lady whose child swallowed a button battery and another whose son suffocated on a nappy sack,

“But the result is that won’t happen to your child.If people watching go and remove nappy sacks from where their babies can reach them, it has done some good.”

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However, in the first epiosde, the couple also toon on some more light-hearted subjects - including paying a visit to, apparently, the hottest new fitness trend - a naked gym.

Ruth visited the gym - and even braved the exercise trend herself!

Ruth and Eamonn were also joined by Capital FM presenter Roman Kemp, and presenter Michael Underwood. Even ex-politician Ann Widdecombe made an appearance.

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The show marks the presenting duos third series with the network, having won over viewers already with their How The Other Half Lives programme.

Fans also loved Ruth and Eamonn’s rather tounge-in-cheek Channel 5 programme The 7 Year Itch, which aired last year.

Do The Right Thing will continue on Thursday night on Channel 5, at 9pm. Will you be tuning in?

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